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Jibbies & Loond is a heavy metal podcast hosted by Chris Smith (Jibbies) and Aamir Hydari (Loond).

Every other week, the guys bring you their favorite songs of the moment, field reports from shows, interviews from the metal community and more.

Horns up, f*ckers!

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Welcome back rivet-heads. On this episode we have a very special guest sitting in with Loond...Walter (guitar/vocals) from local Stoner Metal trio – Funeral Horse. The guys talk about lots of exciting happenings in the FH camp in terms of line up changes, the upcoming record, and upcoming European tour. Be sure to catch these guys ripping it up at Rudyard's on 11/7 and 11/14.


The guys also talk about other notable tid-bits in the Metal world...line up change in Devildriver, Malcolm Young's condition, the passing of Jack Bruce, Mastodon's twerk-fest Mother Load video, and Loond discusses his experience seeing Living Colour live. Walter and Loond wrap up with some thoughts on new releases by the likes of Death Penalty, Sanctuary, Lo Pan, and Decapitated.


Horns Up! – J&L

[Potentially NSFW]
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Music featured this episode:


Funeral Horse – Amputate The Hands Of Thieves


Funeral Horse – Stoned And Furious


Mastodon – The Motherload


Sanctuary - Frozen


Lo Pan – Black Top Revelation


Death Penalty – Sign Of Times


Decapitated - Nest

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