I love food. No seriously. When conservative Christians make the argument against gay marriage and they say something like "Well if two men can get married, what's going to stop a man from marrying his dog? Or marrying something else he loves?", I'm that guy.

NO NO!!! Not the dog one. The "something else" one. I wouldn't have sex with a dog. That's just weird.

A nice Chicken Cordon Bleu on the other hand......

I write about food. Oh, but do not get me wrong. I have many more interests other than food. crap! All I'm thinking of is food!

WAIT! NO!!! I like comic books! And movies! I also played football for nearly a decade and watched it for even longer. Also, I'm a Taurus, and I enjoy long walks on the beach at midnight..........but mostly food.

Also, when I'm not writing for Gonzogeek, I spend my time on stage doing stand up comedy (#upandcoming! [Amirite, Bruce and Stephe?!})
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