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Friday LinkFrogging - 11/12/10

Dr. Bruce and Stephe are en route to Austin Comic Con, where the streets will soon run with Geeky effluent of all manner. It's cool though. I'm saving myself for full immersion at the big one (San Diego) and the good doctor left a little prezzie behind, a visual representation of one of the Austin event's fairer participants, Torrie Wilson. Wilson entered this world  in Boise, Idaho, and became a successful female body-builder before moving to L.A. to -- all togthe...


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I don't know about you, but my best ideas usually look a lot different when I finalize them than they did when I came up with them. This website is case in point. I've known for nearly a decade I wanted to create a space for my creative, like-minded friends and I to air our thoughts.  That vision went through several iterations, including, for a fleeting moment, thoughts of starting a magazine. Upon further research, I quickly came to realize we didn't have the financial r...


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Ghetto Physics - the review

The pimp will beat you down, it's just a matter of how smooth the glove is. Or, as the movie itself says early on, "the world runs on Ghetto Physics." GhettoPhysics explores how power is wielded in the world through the examination of the interplay between Pimps and Hos.  From street corners to Wall Street, on a subtle and globally consequential level, we witness today’s modern pimps selling their vision of business while the women do all of the work. Through the use o...


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Friday LinkFrogging - 11/5/10

How the hell did it get to be November already? Before you know it we'll be gorging ourselves on turkey. Then it will be Black Friday and that can only lead to Christmas. Wow. But I'm getting ahead of myself. This week we saw a typhoon of voter unhappiness turn control of the US House of Representatives over to the Republicans. We saw the Dallas Cowboys lose...AGAIN! We saw the "final" Saw movie top the box office. We saw the San Francisco Giants win the Wor...


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GonzoGeek to Cover Austin Comic Con

Stephe and I have attended the Texas Wizard World Conventions every year since their inception. Those conventions have historically been held in Arlington, Texas. That was until last year when they cancelled the Con altogether.  This year, Wizard got back on the horse and moved the Con to Austin, Texas. We're going again, and, for the second time, we're going as media.  That's right, GonzoGeek will be there to cover it all for you. "We are pleased to return to Te...


Web of AN.G.EL.S - the review

David Stellfox, Ex British Service turned Assassin has been chosen to correct the catastrophic ending to the Red War between America and China.  Using the Sugar Effect; an experimental method of Time Travel, Stellfox has been sent back in time to seek and destroy the mysterious Chinese General, Mah-He and his three bodyguards known as "The Three" before they can attack the White House and force America into surrender.

So reads the press release I received in August announcing the arrival of this new digital comic from Diomedes Productions.

Since then, Diomedes has had some problems delivering their comic.  They have, at every step, been honest with their press contacts and let us know about the delays.  So, I was very excited last week when I got the email telling me that the book was finally available for review.

I downloaded the book and gave it a read.


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The Ultimate Fighter - Season 12, Episode 7

We're down to our final first round fight.  Team GSP has won 5 of the first 6 fights and is firmly in control of the competition so far.

Tonight's fight will feature Dane Sayers (TEAM SaGSP) taking on Sako Chivitchian (TEAM KOSCHECK).

Sayers was the final fighter taken during the draft and he seems intent on making everyone forget that.  That and getting everyone to refer to him as Redhorse.

Chivitchian, affectionately referred to as "Psycho," has the better personal story.  He was a world class judo practioner before falling from grace and into gang violence.  He was even shot in a drive-by.  He's your redemption story at this point.

Team Koscheck desperately needs a win here to avoid ridiculously stacked odds in the quarter finals.

But, as with every season of The Ultimate Fighter, before we can get to that last fight, we have to sit through the Coaches' Challenge.  This season it is a batting combination.  I liked that the contest was held at the home field of the Las Vegas 51's, but that was about all.  GSP is from Canada.  He's not a baseball guy.  I really think Dana White felt bad for Josh Koscheck.  He's been shown up at every turn.  Koscheck wins the hitting contest and $10,000 to nobody's real surprise.

Nobody asked me, but if they did, I'd cut this ridiculous segment from the season.  It doesn't add anything.  Since they've added the wild card fight, I think the time would better be used to get that fight on the same broadcast with the last first round fight so we'd know who our final eight fighters are.

I'm just saying.

Let's get to the fight.


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The Ultimate Fighter - Season 12, Episode 6

Tonight's show will have two of our final three first round fights.  Can Koscheck retain control or will GSP get it back?  Lots of action to get to. 

When last we checked in with our Ultimate Fighter cast, Team Koscheck had finally won a fight and taken control of the fight creation aspect of the competition.

Now, after getting Rampaged for most of the season, you'd think Team Koscheckwouldn't have let this one win go to their heads.  You'd be wrong.

Koscheck and his team celebrate by beating on the walls of the training center and generally acting like douche bags.  The more I watch this show the more I realize the teams really do begin to take on the personalities of their coaches.

Too bad for Team Koscheck.

Next up, Josh Koscheck taunts Michael Johnson for being out of shape while Johnson is getting stretched out.  Hey, Josh, last I check Johnson beat one of your guys.  Put up or shut up.

Koscheck announces the next fight will be his number one pick, Marc Stevens, taking on Cody McKenzie.  This one looks like a complete mismatch on paper.  Stevens is a more well rounded fighter.  McKenzie brings an undefeated record and a guillotine-centric offense to the octagon.

McKenzie, who Team Koscheck is looking past, gets under Koscheck's skin at the weigh-in and then its on to the fight.


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Friday LinkFrogging - 10/29/10

Its almost Halloween.

As Count Floyd would say "Ohhh...spooky kids."

Seriously, is there a better holiday than Halloween.  You get to dress up in a costume and, depending on your predilictions and/or guts, live out your fantasies, all while begging for food.

Think about it, if the guy under the freeway with the cardboard sign rang your doorbell on November 1st, you'd call 9-1-1.  He does it one night before?  He's a really authentic looking (and smelling) hobo.  Here, have some bite size Snickers.

Hell, you might even ask him to pose with your kids for a picture.

But, if there is anything we learned from the Firefly family, its that its not necessarily the scary hobos you have to look out for.

And with that rather ham-fisted segue, please say hello to this week's cheesecake, Sherri Moon Zombie.

Sherri is probably best known for her work as Baby Firefly in House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects.  She also starred as the mother of Michael Myers in Rob's two "reimagined" Halloween movies.

She's laid pretty low since Halloween II, but after serving as Rob Zombie's wife and white trash muse for the last decade, we thought she'd be the perfect cheesecake for Halloween this year.

On to the links.


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The Fourth Law of Robotics: Voter Early, Vote Often

My dad recently asked me what my ideal candidate for political office would be.  I thought about it for a second...


'Haha...seriously.  You have to vote for a person.'


'Alright, son.  I'll play along.  Why a robot?'

'They have no party affiliation.  They do what they're told.  They don't need food or sleep or recognition.  They don't suffer from indescretions or hypocrisy.  You pretty much know what you're getting when you send them to congress.'

'Thought about this much, son?'

'Nope.  Just kind of going with the moment.'

Now, with the mid-term elections around the corner...I stick with the decision.

I'm voting for robots.

And I'm asking you to, too.


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