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Friday LinkFrogging - 10/8/10

Welcome back kids.

Another week in the books.  With them came the MLB playoffs.  Roy Halladay threw a no-hitter in the first game of the Phillies' series with the Reds.  That's gotta sting.  The Yankees are doing their annual pummeling of the Twins.  And, the Rangers are 9 innings away from eliminating the (Devil) Rays.

Sorry Matt.

Oh yeah, and Randy Moss got traded from the Patriots to the Vikings.  Let's see if this makes Moss a better receiver and/or Brett Favre a better QB.

It's a mad, mad, mad world kids.

Speaking of madness, say hello to this week's cheesecake, Christina Hendricks.

Ms. Hendricks plays Joan, the real power behind the throne, on AMC's critically acclaimed Mad Men.  She also showed up for a couple of episodes of GonzoGeek favorite, Life, to bedevil Adam Arkin.

While I'm a latecomer to the Mad Men party, I have to say the show is growing on me.  There is something watching the ugliness under the 60s version of the American Dream.  My wife and I are playing catch up thanks to Netflix whilst our trusty DVR collects season 4 for us.

As if that wasn't enough geek cred for Ms. Hendricks, she was recently cast as the voice of Superman's main squeeze, Lois Lane, in an upcoming DC animated movie.

And earlier this week, it was revealed, to nobody's real suprise that Ms. Hendricks' appeal hits all the demographics.  Everyone, it seems, digs a curvy redhead.

On to the links.


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Kansas City Arena League: Name That Team WINNER!!!

I’m a sucker for ‘Name that Team’ contests.   Whenever a new minor league sports team comes to town and has a contest for their nickname, I’m in.

Kansas City got two new hockey teams in the past 5 years.  The first time around, I entered the ‘Kansas City Stampede’ which eventually lost to the ‘Outlaws’ which are currently lost to time.    This past fall, I entered ‘The Independence A-Bombs’ because they wanted a name associated with Harry Truman and he’s the guy who dropped the bomb.  They went with ‘Missouri Mavericks’ because they said it tested well (this was just a few months removed from the election and everybody had Maverick fever).  Their colors are light blue and orange and the mascot is a horse.

That has Truman written all over it… if the horse played poker with its buddies and drank whiskey in the afternoon.  Give ‘em hell, horsie.


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Friday LinkFrogging - 10/1/10

Happy Birthday to us!  


Simply put, today is the one year anniversary of the debut of LinkFrogging.  What started out as a fun idea, has grown into one of our most looked at features and a highlight of my week.     

The boys and I are always on the lookout for fun, offbeat stories to bring you.  We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy hunting them down.     

Of course, no discussion of LinkFrogging would be complete without a mention of the cheesecake, our weekly visual aid to help the links go down.     

Earlier this week, our very first cheesecake, Kaley Cuoco, revealed that she had a behind the scenes relationship with co-star Johnny Galecki.  I wonder how John Ritter would have felt about that?     

What does that have to do with anything?  Not much really.  It just goes to prove that, given the right circumstances, you can draw lines between any events.     

On to this week's cheesecake.  Say hello to Lea Michele from Glee.  Ms. Michele plays Rachel Berry, the lead on the America's favorite glee club inspired sing along.     

Glee hit new ratings highs this week with the appearance of guest star, Britney Spears.  Soundtracks have been released.  Tours have been undertaken.  Jane Lynch won an Emmy for her portrayal of evil PE coach, Sue Sylvester.  The show has become a monster hit for Fox, America's home for football and karaoke.     

I've heard the fans of this show refererred to as Gleetards.  That doesn't seem fair.  As we say around here, "everyone is a geek about something."  Yes, I'm looking at you fantasy football guy.  And I'm looking at you Twilight fan.  And I'm looking at you Sex and the City movie goers.      

Fans call themselves Gleeks.  I like this much better.  Its a clever way of commenting on their fandom and keeps with the show's themes.  Of course, they aren't the first Gleeks in pop culture history are they?  Don't remember?  Shame on you.  You'll have to wait until after the links for bonus Gleeky goodness.


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UFC 119: Mir vs. Cro Cop Predictions

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic vs. Frank Mir

Matt: It sounds weird to say this after Cro Cop terrorized PRIDE for so many years, but Mir seems like a BIG step up in competition for where he is right now.  Mir has seen much tougher competition over the past year-plus, and his game is not nearly as far removed from its prime as Cro Cop's.  Despite being outclassed against Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin, Mir has put together good wins against other top heavyweights.  Meanwhile, the feared left kick of Cro Cop only showed up in his fight against Pat Barry after Barry had gassed and broken his hand and foot (oh, and also after he had knocked Cro Cop down and nearly finished him).  I think Mir comes out with the same kind of smart gameplanning he used to beat Big Nog and Cheick Kongo.  WINNER: Mir via TKO in the 1st. 

 Both of these guys need a victory in the worst way.  That's not a good position to find yourself in.  I think Cro Cop has lost a step.  As a result his once dreaded kicks don't pack quite the punch they once did.  That's not to say that he couldn't kick Mir's head off given the opportunity.  I just don't think that opportunity will present itself.  This is Mir's first fight since his embarassing loss to Shane Carwin at UFC 111 and he needs a decisive win to prove he still belongs in the conversation.  WINNER:  MIR via TKO in the 2nd.


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Hatchet II Coming to Theaters Unrated

Next Friday, October 1, 2010, Hatchet II is hitting theaters and is doing so without the blessing of the MPAA.  Rather than edit their movie down to get an approved rating, the folks involved with Hatchet II chose to release the movie unrated.

This will probably limit the number of theaters where you can see the movie, but it will undoubtedly increase the demand to see what all the fuss is about.

Hatchett II is the sequel to 2007's Hatchet.  It picks up right where the original left off:

 Marybeth (Danielle Harris from HALLOWEEN) escapes from the clutches of the deformed, swamp-dwelling killer Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder from FRIDAY THE 13th). Marybeth returns to the Louisiana swamps along with an army of hunters to recover the bodies of her family and exact her revenge against Victor Crowley. 

Director Adam Green had this to say about the decision to release the movie unrated:

Having a movie as graphically over the top as HATCHET II come out in major theatres unrated is an absolute dream come true -- not only for the genre fans but for the entire make-up effects crew who normally have to watch their amazing achievements get sliced and diced for theatrical release. This is an important event for the horror genre and I hope the real horror fans support HATCHET II and help change the way genre films are released theatrically from this day forward. Kudos to Dark Sky Films and AMC theaters for truly honoring the spirit of old school American horror and doing this right. Gorehounds won't know what hit them!

Earlier this week, the Hatchet folks released a "So NSFW Clip," for the movie.  You can see it after the jump.


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Friday LinkFrogging - 9/24/10

It's confession time from your dear old editor. 

This week I was going to make Hollywood's favorite octogenerian comeback kid, Betty White, our cheesecake.  She was onCommunity last night and that's really all of the hook I needed to justifty the pick.  I even joked that I would try to make all of the links Betty White related.  Given the amount of press Betty's gotten in the last 18 months, I could have done it. 

But I didn't. 

I did a quick scan of the movies opening this week, and, well, Kristen Bell won out. 

Does it help that Betty White is in You Again too? 

Ms. Bell first hit our pop culture radar as the title character on Veronica Mars.  Then she broke out of the CW ghetto and put her good girl image aside to do the horizontal mambo with Russell Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  She played the sole female in the band of geeks in the cult classic Fanboys (in which she donned Princess Leia's iconic metal bikini) and took a turn as Elle, the lightning lass, on NBC's Heroes

According to her IMDB bio, she's also a rabid Detroit Red Wings fan.  Geek girl likes hockey?  Awesome! 

Since then she has been trying to take the Meg Ryan crown, starring in a series of middling romantic comedies and dating Dax Shephard. 

Yeah, we don't get him either. 

On to the links.


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The 10 Greatest Fictional Baseball Players of All Time

Its that time of year.

The games that matter are getting fewer and fewer as the Boys of Summer head into the fall.

 Add to that the impending return of HBO's brilliantly profane Eastbound and Down and me coaching my kids' baseball team and I've got the great American past time on the brain.

I'll be honest, Kenny Powers of Eastbound and Down was the original inspiration for this list.  As I was looking for a decent Season 2 picture the other day I got to thinking about where Kenny's place in the Fictional Baseball Hall of Fame.

Then I made a list.

Its how these things work.



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Elvira's back (and front) are back!

Everyone's favorite horror hostess is back and coming to a television station near you this weekend.

Elvira's Movie Macabre returns to the small screen to bring you cheesy horror movies, bad puns and good old fashioned snark.


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Friday LinkFrogging - 9/17/10

My birthday was last week.

One of my gifts was Chuck Klosterman's "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs."  We enjoy Mr. Klosterman's work here at GonzoGeek.  We've made no bones about it.  He's a kindred spirit.

What makes Mr. Klosterman's work so interesting is his ability to weave the most mundance threads from the pop culture landscape into the big observations about life.  In the essay "This is Emo," he starts with a discussion Generation X females love of Lloyd Dobler, not John Cusack,  into explaining why Coldplay sucks and finally hits on how all this ties into the differences between true and fake love.  Pretty heady stuff to be pulled from an Ione Skye movie.

Still, one of my favorites is entitled "Sulking with Lisa Loeb on the Ice Planet Hoth."  In this one Mr. Klosterman examines the deeper meaning of the original Star Wars trilogy to Generation X.  This leads to discussion of how Reality Bites has similar themes.


Trust me.  Find the essay.  Its worth a read.

All of this leads me to the introduction of this week's cheesecake.  Say hello to Winona Ryder.

In the aforementioned essay, Mr. Klosterman analogizes Ms. Ryder's character in Reality Bites to the original moody Jedi, Luke Skywalker

She pursued a path that was difficult and depressing, and she did so because it showed the slightest potential for transcendence.  Not coincidentally, this is also the Jedi's path.  Adventure?  Excitement?  The Jedi craves not these things.  However, he does crave something greater than the bloodless existence of his father.  Quite simply, Winona Ryder is Luke Skywalker, only with a better haircut and a killer rack.

That's good stuff kids.

Ever since she appeared as a band geek with a thing for Corey Haim in Lucas, Ms. Ryder has been part of our collective geek culture.  She dated Depp and Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum.  She was Tim Burton's original muse.  She was Jerry Lee Lewis' wife, Ripley's clone and Spock's mom.  Of course, no discussion of Ms. Ryder's place in the geek girl pantheon would be complete without a mention of her defining role as Veronica, the original gossip girl, in 1989's Heathers.  That movie set the template for all teen angst in media since.

Sure, she got pinched for shoplifting in 2001, but after Mr. Klosterman' examination, I prefer to think that Ms. Ryder was practicing her Jedi mind trick on the Saks sales clerk.

The Force is strong in that one.

On to the links.


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The Expendables - The Review

When I was in eighth grade a new kid moved in and was quickly assimilated into our wandering band of geeks.  The new guy came to Louisiana from New Jersey.  He brought The Destroyer with him.

I was intrigued by the covers of his paperbacks showing cars, guns, women, ninjas and guys doing martial arts.  None of those were things eighth grade me was doing. 

I wanted to check out the books, or, at least, books like them.  So the next time we were at the department store I made my way to the long aisle containing the paperbacks.  They were all there:  best sellers, romance, and, down at the end, the "men's fiction."

It was there that I met Mack Bolan.

"The Executioner" became my companion.  I think I must have carried around one of those paperbacks with me for the next 3 or 4 years.  In that time I learned a lot about guns, the Mob and international terrorism.

What does any of this have to do with The Expendables?


It was these books that paved the way for my entry into that sub-genre of movies known as the 80s action-adventure movie.  Mack Bolan got me to John McClane.  He got me to Red Heat, Commando, Cobra, Lethal Weapon, Predator and Wanted:  Dead or Alive.

And, as I was watching The Expendables, I couldn't help but think of Phoenix Force


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