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The Ultimate Fighter - Season 12, Episode 7

We're down to our final first round fight.  Team GSP has won 5 of the first 6 fights and is firmly in control of the competition so far.

Tonight's fight will feature Dane Sayers (TEAM SaGSP) taking on Sako Chivitchian (TEAM KOSCHECK).

Sayers was the final fighter taken during the draft and he seems intent on making everyone forget that.  That and getting everyone to refer to him as Redhorse.

Chivitchian, affectionately referred to as "Psycho," has the better personal story.  He was a world class judo practioner before falling from grace and into gang violence.  He was even shot in a drive-by.  He's your redemption story at this point.

Team Koscheck desperately needs a win here to avoid ridiculously stacked odds in the quarter finals.

But, as with every season of The Ultimate Fighter, before we can get to that last fight, we have to sit through the Coaches' Challenge.  This season it is a batting combination.  I liked that the contest was held at the home field of the Las Vegas 51's, but that was about all.  GSP is from Canada.  He's not a baseball guy.  I really think Dana White felt bad for Josh Koscheck.  He's been shown up at every turn.  Koscheck wins the hitting contest and $10,000 to nobody's real surprise.

Nobody asked me, but if they did, I'd cut this ridiculous segment from the season.  It doesn't add anything.  Since they've added the wild card fight, I think the time would better be used to get that fight on the same broadcast with the last first round fight so we'd know who our final eight fighters are.

I'm just saying.

Let's get to the fight.


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The Ultimate Fighter - Season 12, Episode 6

Tonight's show will have two of our final three first round fights.  Can Koscheck retain control or will GSP get it back?  Lots of action to get to. 

When last we checked in with our Ultimate Fighter cast, Team Koscheck had finally won a fight and taken control of the fight creation aspect of the competition.

Now, after getting Rampaged for most of the season, you'd think Team Koscheckwouldn't have let this one win go to their heads.  You'd be wrong.

Koscheck and his team celebrate by beating on the walls of the training center and generally acting like douche bags.  The more I watch this show the more I realize the teams really do begin to take on the personalities of their coaches.

Too bad for Team Koscheck.

Next up, Josh Koscheck taunts Michael Johnson for being out of shape while Johnson is getting stretched out.  Hey, Josh, last I check Johnson beat one of your guys.  Put up or shut up.

Koscheck announces the next fight will be his number one pick, Marc Stevens, taking on Cody McKenzie.  This one looks like a complete mismatch on paper.  Stevens is a more well rounded fighter.  McKenzie brings an undefeated record and a guillotine-centric offense to the octagon.

McKenzie, who Team Koscheck is looking past, gets under Koscheck's skin at the weigh-in and then its on to the fight.


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UFC 121: Lesnar vs. Velasquez Predictions

The UFC's biggest star returns to action tonight.  Brock Lesnar might not be their best guy or even their most marketable given his reclusive lifestyle, but his name gets an awful lot of attention.  The crowd reaction to the former WWE Champion seemed to warm a bit before his gutsy comeback against previous Biggest Fight Ever challenger Shane Carwin.  So far, Lesnar has continued to improve, and he's in the middle of the "prime" window that so many previous UFC stars have enjoyed.  Can he continue his reign or is Cain Velasquez the guy to upset the champ? Speaking of upset, Matt tied it up in UFC predictions after the last event, so we'll find out if he can play Cain to Bruce's Brock and pull off the upset of the year.


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The Ultimate Fighter - Season 12, Episode 5

So we are into week five and our fourth fight and Team Koscheck is still on the outside looking in.

Did GSP really draft that much better?

Has Koscheck really been that snakebit?

Hard to say.  All I know for sure is that the three losses are clearly taking a toll onJosh Koscheck.

With GSP still in control of the fights, he picks Nam Phan (Team Koscheck) to face Spencer Page (Team GSP).

Of course, no week would be complete without the "hilarious" hijinx of Bruce Leroy.  This week he thought it would be funny to put bleach in the fabric softener of Nam Phan.  What he didn't know was that his teammate, Michael Johnson, was using that fabric softener.  Now, Bruce Leroy is pissing off his own team.  GOOD plan dude!

It was a week of guest stars as well. 

GSP brought in Jean-Charles Skarbowsky to give his team some Muay Thai pointers.  Skarbowsky was lit and proceeded to kick the crap out of Team GSP.

Koscheck's guests were more of the inspirational sort.  Fresh off his loss to Rick Franklin, Chuck Liddell dropped by to talk to the team.  So did Koscheck's teammate,Jon Fitch.

Was it enough?  Let's go to the fight.


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The Ultimate Fighter - Season 12, Episode 4

For those of you just joining us, Team GSP is in firm control of this season.  They've won the first two fights and befuddled Team Koscheck.

Before the fights, we get more footage of Bruce Leroy's in-house shenanigans.  He's full of shit and his housemates call him on it.

He doesn't take kindly to it and talks more trash.

This led to open mockery from the other fighters and a pull apart near brawl between Leroy and Sevak Magakian.

Leroy better hope that Magakian doesn't win his first round fight, because if he does, I'm reasonably certain he's going to decapitate Leroy in the second round.

GSP announces that this week's fight will be Kyle Watson (Team GSP), the oldest fighter in the house, taking on Andy Main (Team Koscheck).

Nobody is sure if this will be a standup fight or turn into a BJJ clinic.

Let's find out shall we?


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The Ultimate Fighter - Season 12, Episode 3

Week three of the season found GSP still in control of the matchups and the mind of Josh Koscheck.  No matter what Koscheck does, including mocking GSP's ring attire, he can't shake GSP.

You can tell its wearing on Koscheck.

You know who is wearing on the fighters?  Bruce Leroy.  He got drunk and started talking trash about how they underestimated him and his vast skills.

GSP announces this week's fight.  He's putting his number 1 pick, and the guy he tricked Koscheck into NOT taking, Michael Johnson, against Aaron Wilkinson.


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The Ultimate Fighter - Season 12, Episode 2

When last we joined our band of UFC hopefuls, all fourteen had just won a qualifier fight and moved into the big UFC house somewhere in the environs of Las Vegas.

Up next?

What every team has done since time immemorial...pick teams.

During the pre-draft conversations, we see team captain George St-Pierre (GSPfrom here on out) discussing strategy to get rival, Josh Koscheck, to outsmart himself.

Koscheck won the coin toss and, with it, the first pick.  GSP created a fake draft sheet and gave Koscheck an "unwitting" look at it.  GSP's alleged first pick was one of Koscheck's guys so Koscheck altered his draft strategy to get "his guy" allowing GSP to get the guy he really wanted.

First win to GSP.

The 14 fighters were divided up into two teams.  They are as follows:


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Kansas City Arena League: Name That Team WINNER!!!

I’m a sucker for ‘Name that Team’ contests.   Whenever a new minor league sports team comes to town and has a contest for their nickname, I’m in.

Kansas City got two new hockey teams in the past 5 years.  The first time around, I entered the ‘Kansas City Stampede’ which eventually lost to the ‘Outlaws’ which are currently lost to time.    This past fall, I entered ‘The Independence A-Bombs’ because they wanted a name associated with Harry Truman and he’s the guy who dropped the bomb.  They went with ‘Missouri Mavericks’ because they said it tested well (this was just a few months removed from the election and everybody had Maverick fever).  Their colors are light blue and orange and the mascot is a horse.

That has Truman written all over it… if the horse played poker with its buddies and drank whiskey in the afternoon.  Give ‘em hell, horsie.


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UFC 119: Mir vs. Cro Cop Predictions

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic vs. Frank Mir

Matt: It sounds weird to say this after Cro Cop terrorized PRIDE for so many years, but Mir seems like a BIG step up in competition for where he is right now.  Mir has seen much tougher competition over the past year-plus, and his game is not nearly as far removed from its prime as Cro Cop's.  Despite being outclassed against Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin, Mir has put together good wins against other top heavyweights.  Meanwhile, the feared left kick of Cro Cop only showed up in his fight against Pat Barry after Barry had gassed and broken his hand and foot (oh, and also after he had knocked Cro Cop down and nearly finished him).  I think Mir comes out with the same kind of smart gameplanning he used to beat Big Nog and Cheick Kongo.  WINNER: Mir via TKO in the 1st. 

 Both of these guys need a victory in the worst way.  That's not a good position to find yourself in.  I think Cro Cop has lost a step.  As a result his once dreaded kicks don't pack quite the punch they once did.  That's not to say that he couldn't kick Mir's head off given the opportunity.  I just don't think that opportunity will present itself.  This is Mir's first fight since his embarassing loss to Shane Carwin at UFC 111 and he needs a decisive win to prove he still belongs in the conversation.  WINNER:  MIR via TKO in the 2nd.


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The 10 Greatest Fictional Baseball Players of All Time

Its that time of year.

The games that matter are getting fewer and fewer as the Boys of Summer head into the fall.

 Add to that the impending return of HBO's brilliantly profane Eastbound and Down and me coaching my kids' baseball team and I've got the great American past time on the brain.

I'll be honest, Kenny Powers of Eastbound and Down was the original inspiration for this list.  As I was looking for a decent Season 2 picture the other day I got to thinking about where Kenny's place in the Fictional Baseball Hall of Fame.

Then I made a list.

Its how these things work.



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