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The Sale of 100 Things:  First Things First

Okay…Round 1 of the Sale of 100 Things is wrapped up.

And a little disappointing.  Out of 57 things offered for sale, I sold 20.  Just about 35%.  If this were baseball, I’d be in contention for a batting title with a .350 average.  When you’re trying to clean house, not so much.

This was my rollout week, so I started off with a bunch of small stuff- Mystery Minis and Dorbz- and one heavyweight , a 1/24 Charlie Brown Freddy.  I’ve tried to sell the Freddy on several past occasions, only to come up empty.  It was my fault, it was going to be a big sale so I listed every flaw I could find.  Funko collectors, being box-obsessed, stayed away.  I ultimately lowered the price, made it an auction and eventually sold it for what I initially priced it at.  Buyer was thrilled. He didn’t think the issues were as bad as I made them seem, so he got what he wanted for less than he was planning on paying. I made more than I thought I would.  Everybody won

The box thing is a funny thing.  It used to be that a little shelfwear didn’t bother people much.  As long as the ‘damage’ wasn’t a tear or a crush AND you disclosed it, people went with it.  Now when you sell a pop, it’s six pictures and 20 questions and even then someone might bail on a sale because of that ‘tiny thing there, that you see when you hold it in the light just right….how dare you call this mint!’ (BTW- Don’t call anything mint).   I once had a buyer specifically ask me to describe, in detail, any and all perceived flaws in the box or the figure, with photos.  Somehow, I never responded to him and he got blocked.  Weird.  During a previous purge, I tried to sell a bunch of pops with box damage at ridiculously low prices. And when I say low, I mean shipping plus a buck or two.  No takers.  Since they weren’t going anywhere, I took them out of the box and listed them as ‘loose’.  Every single one sold, and for more than I was trying to sell them for in the damaged boxes.  Next time someone tells you that the box is half the value of the pop, tell them to stick the pop and the box up their butts. 

Most of the minis I am trying to sell are dupes, so I’m not surprised that they haven’t sold as I would have liked.  If I have three chicken Deadpools, everyone has three chicken Deadpools.  I really think there should be a rule (of thumb) that says no more 1/6 ratios and nothing rarer than 1/72.  It gets tiresome opening a half dozen dupes in the hopes of getting a 1/144 piece.  Actually, it’s not worth it at all.  Also, when you do exclusive sets for different retailers, keep the character ratios the same.  If a character is a 1/6 at Hot Topic, it should NOT be 1/24 at GameStop.  Hello?  Anybody proofreading these things? I won’t demand that Funko make all future mini lines like the latest Mickey Minis, with 1/12 ratio across the board and window boxes.  That is worse.  No excitement.  No….wait for it….MYSTERY.  Just balance the ratios better and blind boxes would be a lot more fun. 

And I wouldn’t have three chicken Deadpools to sell.

My real disappointment is reserved for the 30 plus Dorbz I’m trying to shed. Dorbz get a bad rap.  They are cuter and more appealing than people give them credit for.  I don’t think the line was ever a mistake, but I do think Funko mismanaged it.  To start with, I think they overestimated collector adoption.  Pop collectors are notorious single-lined collectors.  They collect Pop Funkos and that’s it.  Wobbler collectors were the same way with Pops, so it might be a Funko collector thing instead of a Pop collector thing.  But they came around...eventually.  Anyhow, Funko, realizing their mistake, doubled down and pushed out way too much product way too soon and flooded the marketplace.  The line has never really been able to put their clearance bin days behind them.  I think Funko has finally gotten a handle on Dorbz and is scaling them waaaay back. Kind of how they’re doing the Vnyl line.  Just a couple here and there.  It’s a good move because I  know a lot of people who are thinking about trying to collect them all. That’s not exactly scientific proof that the demand for more Dorbz is out there, but I think it means that the line isn’t as toxic as some collectors try to make it out to be.

That being said, I’m still trying to purge a large part of my Dorbz collection.  It’s not that I don’t like them.  The ones that I love, I love like my very own children.  However, like children, you can  only have so many of them before they wear you out and you’re forced to sell them for medical research.  I think it’s the ‘ward of the state’ grin thing.  It’s too much happy for this curmudgeon to handle.  It might be why I had a stroke.  I might be exaggerating.  The reality is I just have too many that I don’t really love.  At one point, I had every Batman Dorbz release there was and it was really cool for a couple of weeks.  Then I asked myself:  Mummy Batman? I had to have this?  Why?

I had no response. Vaya con dios, Sr. Bats.

As far as which is the better platform to sell stuff, FB groups or Ebay, the jury is still out.  I sold a third of what I listed in FB groups and a third of what I listed on Ebay.  I am keeping track of the stats because I’m kind of a numbers geek and recent shoulder surgery has me sitting on the couch with nothing better to do.  I can only binge so much ‘Supernatural’ at a time, even if it’s a much better show than I thought it would be.   Come to me, Excel.  Make me whole again.

Check back for my next update in a week or so.  I’m selling a whole bunch of stadium giveaway (SGA) bobbleheads.  Past experience says they’ll sell well.  Here’s hoping they raise up my batting average to Ted Williams-like levels or beyond.

Later, Taters.

PS:  So, yeah, um…anybody want some Dorbz?  I still have a bunch.  Good price.  Minimal shelfwear.  Fees and shipping included in price. Additional photos upon request.


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