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Toy Review: Mighty Muggs, Third Time's a Charm

Man…Mighty Muggs.  One of my first big ‘toy crushes’.

I’ve always been a toy collector, even though I never knew it.  As a kid, I’d get one figure for Christmas, one for my birthday, a couple here, a couple there and next thing I knew I had the whole line.  

Change interests. 

Start over.  


As I got older, I started buying toys myself, mostly action figures.  Muggs was the first line that I tried to collect for the sake of having a collection.  They had a simple design and great graphics.  Very detailed paint applications took your mind off how simple the figures were and how goofy the pose was.  I kept some in the box, some on display and I tried to be a completeist.  At least as far as the Marvel figures.  And Star Wars.  And Indiana Jones.  But no Transformers!

If you’re not familiar with the line, here’s a little backstory.  They’re made by Hasbro and the first waves came out in 2008-ish.  They started with Marvel and Star Wars and eventually added Transformers, GI Joe, and Indiana Jones.  The line ‘died’ after a couple years, but was resurrected with Micro Muggs and Mini Muggs in 2012/13.  It was pretty much Marvel-Centric.  Actually, it was Marvel only.  The original Muggs stood about 6 inches tall.  Mini Muggs were about half that size, and Micro Muggs about 2 inches tall.  They did not catch on.

Collectors of Funko Pop figures sometimes accuse Hasbro of ripping off Funko.  They’re wrong.  If anything, it’s the other way around, Muggs were released first.  I’ve often thought that Pops were the result of a crazy one night three-way with a Mugg, a Dunny, and a Funko Force figure.  But that’s just how I think.  I might be a deviant.

The point here, however, is that everything old is new again.  Mighty Muggs are back for 2018!  Hasbro has released two sets of figures, one Marvel (naturally) and one Star Wars (go figure).  Back are the weird body shapes.  Back are the killer paint applications.  They’re now about the same size as a Pop figure, and in an added twist….the heads twist.  You push on them to reveal three rotating expressions. It’s a gimmick, but not one I’m opposed to.

As stated, MM were my first toy crush, so I went out and bought one as soon as I could.  I’m a big Spider-guy, so he’s the one I bought.  Here are my thoughts on Spidey and the line in general.

Packaging:  (see photos below)

Fantastic.  Each figure is in a hard plastic case, probably just as much plastic as the figure itself.  It’s a two part case, so you can easily remove the figure if you wanted.  You could leave it in the box and probably enjoy it just as much.  The figure is attached to the base with pegs that you can lock and unlock from the bottom so the figure doesn’t move around in the box.  The top is clear with a hole on the top so you can push on the head and change the expression.  See, in box protection, out of box interaction.  Great job Hasbro.  Word of warning, the tops are rounded.  You couldn’t stack them very well, even if you tried. Side by side displays it is. 

The Figure:  (see photos below)

Super deformed proportions, great paint applications.  Still the same goofy pose, like they pinned arms on a balloon.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the look, but I can admit it looks weird.  There are no sculpted details on a Mugg, with the exception of the new look heads, so I have very little to say about the quality of the sculpt. It’s a balloon with arms and legs.

The Heads:   (see photos below)

Each figure has three expressions:  happy, mad, and something in between.  If you push on the head, the face rotates to reveal a new look, with the other expressions hiding under hair, hats, or headgear.  They’re very animated expressions and some work better than others.  Likewise, the need to hide the two expressions not being shown makes some figures awesome (Spiderman, Captain America) and others awkward (Vader).  It’s a great hook for an otherwise plain figure.  My only misgiving is that the parts that make the spinning faces work won’t work forever.  If you play around with it too much I think you’re going to break it, if you don’t scratch the face off first.  The Hulk I found at TRU was already broken on the shelf.

The Value:

Average value, about 10 bucks a figure.  Roughly the same as a Funko Pop, or a little more than your average action figure.  I think they’re worth the price overall, even though I won’t collect them seriously.  I have Spiderman, and I know that they’re coming out with Doctor Strange in the next wave.  Hasbro says they have over 50 planned, so that count could change.


If you were a fan of the original line, get them.  They’re a little more fun with the spinning head thing and the paint apps (pad printing most likely) are even better than they used to be.  They still have almost no playability, but we’re all adults here and that’s not why we’re buying them.  Also, it’s a cheap pick me up when work gets you down.  Heck, put one in your cube, pick an expression and let the world know how you’re feeling

Treat yourself, big boy.

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