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Funko Rant: Fright Night Review

Well that was fun.

Waiting for my flight home from San Diego and the first ever Funko Fright Night!  And what a night it was!  Funatics, drinks, food, drinks, prizes, drinks….and then they opened the doors and let us in.  Ha!

‘Fright Night’?  What’s that, you might ask.  If you’re not on the Funko Funatics board, and judging by what I’ve seen on FB that would be a lot of people, here’s the Cliff Notes - A fall party for Funatics not associated with anything other than Halloween.  Attendance was limited to 400 members of the Funko Funatic board.  Priority was given to Hall of Fame, longevity, and participation.  If you signed up after the event was announced, most likely you were ineligible.  Tickets were 125.00 and for that you got a Bag-O-Glee, food and drinks, and the opportunity to hang with other collectors.  If you wore a costume, you might have gotten an extra goodie. 

That should cover most of it.

Oh, it was in San Diego, which is still open for business even when ComicCon isn’t in town.  Did you know there was a mall near the convention center?  Surprise to me, too.  Been going for 6 years and didn’t know about it until yesterday.  The things you miss when you’re being a geek.

Okay, about that party… 

First impression as I Ubered up to the building was that they picked the perfect place for ‘Von Freidrichtstrouser’s Estate’.  The Abbey throws off a very pseudo-creepy, Draculesque vibe (that’s architectural talk).  Kind of Baroque-y, kind of funeral parlor.  Funko put up an awning and signage to help sell it as the good Von’s home.  It was the kind of attention to detail that makes going to these events that much more fun.  Off to a great start. 

As for fun, I had most of mine early.  Got to the venue about 6 (doors opened at 7:30) and the line had already turned the corner and was heading down the block.  But these are San Diego blocks, not Las Vegas blocks and ‘down the block’ isn’t really that far.  Being mostly Funatics and family, everyone was hanging out, making conversation and having a good time.  There were a couple of us handing out candy to people.  I was the rather lazy Charlie Brown promising ‘rock-free’ goodies.  The hardest thing in my sack was a Jolly Rancher.  That line sounds dirty as hell.  I’m leaving it as is.

I was also ‘hydrating’ heavily at this point in the evening, which might have influenced my perceptions.  Still, had a great time talking to everyone in the line. 

Kudos to Funko for checking tickets and passing out wrist bands before the doors opened.  Hopefully, they do something similar for Fundays. 

Once inside, things went smoothly.  Up the stairs, get a Bag-O-Glee, next window get a Pop, next window get a Pop, next window get a Dorbz and you’re done.  If you wore a costume and were blessed with a ‘Killer Kostume’ sticker, one of those windows traded you a Fruit Brute Dorbz Ride for it (a real dilemma for sticker-freaks).  As half-assed as my costume was, I got a sticker.  I think it was because of the ‘rock-free’ candy.  Marketing works.

Okay…from the street, the Abbey was perfect.  On the inside, more of the same Transylvanian architectural touches: stone and stucco, archways and wrought iron.  There was a stage for the evening’s entertainment, a dance floor, and a balcony from which you could look down on the dancefloor and stage.  Lighting was kept low so as the keep the feel of a haunted dance party  

There was a bar and some hot trays for finger foods (no fingers, tho).  Space was at a premium.  I found it difficult to move around and mingle, even with most of the tables out of the way.  Removing the tables might have helped fit everyone into the venue, but it was mostly a drawback.  One, because you had to stand for a lot of the evening, two, you had to carry your stuff around with you because you no place to put it, and three, good luck carrying your Bag-O-Glee, a drink, and a plate of finger food.  Me, I failed.  I found a bunch of french fries at the bottom of my bag this morning.  And opened candy.  Who would put open candy back in my bag?  Was it ghosts or was I overly hydrated?  I don’t believe in them, but I’ll go with ghosts.  When I unwrap candy, candy gets eaten.  Again, a line that sounds a little skeevy, but I’m leaving it as is as well.

As with Fundays, the skits and musical bits ran hot and cold and a little long.  The Day of the Dead Mariachis were a nice touch.  They should have interluded between the scripted bits all night.  The Count taunts the crowd, the band plays, people mingle, the Count returns.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Nothing against the Count, but sometimes less is more.  For a hot crowd of toy collectors, less would definitely have been best.  They’re finnicky, and prone to snark…or chants of ‘Deadpool’, take your pick.  Cards were drawn for prizes (they came in the Bag-O-Glee), awards were given for best costumes, and, if you were lucky, your room key got you a special 1/24 Retro Freddy.  I was lucky enough to get Fruit Brute, so missing out on a chance at Freddy was cosmic balance at play.  I think not having my card suite (black cat) pulled for a proto is also about cosmic balance. I don’t bring this up as a complaint, it’s just more proof that Karma is real and likes to screw with me.  

The party wrapped up a little before midnight, and over meant over.  We were ushered out pretty quick.  I meant to go to an afterparty, but I made a mistake back at my hotel room and sat down.  When I next opened my eyes, I saw that it was well after one in the morning and my legs had fallen hopelessly asleep.  I literally crawled to my bed and called it evening.

I guess you could say I had a good time.


PS: Below are photos of the Bag-O-Glee, the Pops and the Dorbz.  Bag-O-Glee came with cookies, a tiny can of candy corn, an envelope with your key, drink ticket, and card for drawings.  There might have been several pint-sized heroes in there as well.  I didn’t see them in the bag at the party, just found them in there as I was packing.  Since no one else is talking about them, I might have been given some by someone at the party. Maybe the ghosts who opened the candy.

The Pops are cool.  I’m a big fan of Spastik Plastik, so another Carlos is a very welcome treat.  The Harvest Batman is another one of those WTF Batman colorways that some people are already calling ‘Candy Corn Batman’.  Personally, I like the matching Dorbz better.  It’s cuter.  The Fruit Brute Ride is cool as hell and I am beyond thrilled to have won one.  I don’t always like the rides, but this and the Count Chocula coffin car are making me a fan. 

Not everyone who received a sticker got a Fruit Brute.  They didn’t have enough on hand and requested that people provide information so they could ship them one.  Then, magically, some of those people ended up with a red dress Elvira.  Sexy.  Each Pop and Dorbz were at least 1500 piece editions.  They’ll most likely be on the Funko Shop website soon (this week).  The Retro Freddy is a small edition, 15 were given away at the event.  Popular sentiment is a few will show up on Gemini.  After that, be ready to trade or Ebay one into your collection.  Good luck.

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