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Funko Rant: MCC Year One Review

With the new MCC: Civil War box hitting doorsteps this week and next (spoiler alert- it’s all movie related, except the Dorbz, which is Abraham Lincoln), I thought I’d take a moment and figure out if I got my money’s worth out of my Founder’s Membership for year one.

So….What’s in the box?

First things first...I hate that fucking ‘game’ on FB.  You got a box of stuff in the mail. You opened it. Congratulations.  We all know it was pops and not Gwyneth Paltrow’s head. No more of the fake dramatics.  Just post a picture of your stuff and say ‘Damn good mail day!’  


In case you’re new to collecting Funko, or blissfully unaware, MCC is short for Marvel Collector Corps, a bi-monthly (which really should mean every two weeks not every other month) subscription box that dumps about 50 bucks worth of Funko stuff on your doorstep for about 30 dollars, shipped.

Each box was promised to include: A pop figure, a t-shirt, a patch, a pin, a comic and some other kind of vinyl goodie. Please pay attention, ‘was promised...’ figures largely into some of the first year ‘heartburn boxes’.

Year One saw six decently themed boxes.  Avengers AOU, Ant-Man, Secret Wars, Villains, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Deadpool.  With the exception of GOTG, I felt that each box had the  potential for greatness.  Would we get Rhino and Green Goblin in the Villains box?  Maybe some cool character variants from Secret Wars?  How about a Howard the Duck Dorbz in the Gaurdians box?

Nope.  Pretty much.  Nope.

My disappointments aside, Funko actually did pretty well in their first year.  They started strong and ended strong, despite losing a little focus in the middle.  It was certainly better than the four boxes of Loot Crate I got.

Let’s discuss.

(PS - Images of the box contents stolen directly from the MCC website.  Easiest way to show everything in the boxes) 

1. Avengers - (Best Box overall)

If we knew nothing else, we knew we were getting a Hulkbuster pop.  And it was awesome! Metallic. Oversized. Well-executed.  One of my favorite pops of all time. Also great - Ultron Dorbz. Dorbz crack me up, mostly because they annoy a large number of pop collectors. I can always tell when the subscription boxes start hitting doorsteps because the number of Dorbz auctions on Ebay skyrockets.  Get over it.  Brian loves them, they’re not going anywhere.  The t-shirts were pretty cool, and not pop-themed, which was nice.  Loved the pin.  The comic and patch got sold, but I do that with every patch and comic.  Great start!  Only drawback was the customer service.   I was fairly lucky in that I received shipping notifications and product in a timely manner.  Not everyone was so lucky.  And man were they loud.

2. Ant-Man - (Fifth best overall)

The highlight of this box was the T-shirt.  Simple black T, with the movie logo and a tiny Ant-Man pop on the front.  Nice.  The mini’s were nice, but there were four different minis and each box came with two.  If you wanted them all, you had to go out and buy them.  Didn’t bother me much, but I can understand the frustration of others. The pin- cool.  The comic and patch - expendable.  The pop?  Funko screwed themselves with this one.  They followed Hulkbuster with a head-swap. Now, it’s still a fun pop, and the inclusion of the mini Ant-Man pop was a nice little bonus, but when the main pop is nothing more than a head-swap, folks were going to be let down.  And they were. And they were all over social media about it. Worse still, the shipping box was undersized, resulting in a lot of crushed boxes and more social media angst.

On the plus side, not as many people complained about shipping delays or notifications.

3. Secret Wars (Fourth Best overall)

Two pops this time out, Lady Thor and Spider-Miles.  Both excellent pops, and because it was two pops, people were ecstatic!  You’d have thought everyone won the lottery, people were so happy...until they all realized they hated bobble-heads.  At this point, complaining about MCC became something people just did so they had something to do until the next box came out.  Shipping issues were much, much better, as were communications.  It is also possible that this box came out at the same time I quit most of the Funko FB sites because I couldn’t take the incessant whining about Funko.  If you don’t like the company or the product, quit buying it.  No need to grandstand on Twitter.  140 characters does not the man make.  Grow the fuck up.  The world doesn’t revolve around you.

Hmmm. It would appear I’m still bitter.   BTW - the usual take on the pin, patch comic and t-shirt.  Hello, Ebay.

4. Villains (Worst Box overall)

Why the worst?  Because it’s my list and there was no Impossible Man, whom I really lobbied for.  I had no interest in Morbius or his chase.  Way to really piss everyone off, BTW.  Make an exclusive subscription box chase piece.  25 bucks for the box, possibly another 25 to buy the chase piece on Ebay.  Yeah, I can only be so much of an apologist.  This sucked.

Outside of the Loki Dorbz (A+++), everything else in this box was pretty ‘meh’, even by ‘meh’ standards.  

5. Guardians of the Galaxy (Third Best overall)