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Funko Rant: How to Collect? (part 2 of 2) maybe Part One comes off a little glib.

But really, there is no better answer for the many, many, many times I’ve seen this question, or its variants - which, BTW does not make them more askable:

‘Should I get….’

‘Should I collect…

‘Is it worth getting….’

It amazes me whenever I see someone post ‘Do you like it?’ and the original poster get his dick in a knot because no one’s telling him what to do.  Seriously?  You can’t decide how to spend 10 bucks, best be saving it then.  There’s a good chance you’ll be eating cat food in your old age.

‘Do you like it?’

That’s it.  The only answer that matters.  There’s no better rule of thumb.   You’d better like it, because it’s going to sit on your shelf, in your home, staring you in the face, saying ‘Hey, remember that time you had to decide between me and an extra-value meal? Still hungry?’

(Hmmm..two references to food...I’ll be back after lunch.)

Ah.  Much better.

Experienced collectors will always advise you to buy something if you like and can afford it.  Don’t skip the rent to buy a toy.  That’s how you end up back in your parent’s basement.  Instead, think it through.  Do you want it?  Do you like the price?  Will it make you happy?  If the answer is yes to all three, then ring it up.

I’ve seen too many times, people launch into meaningless discussions regarding supply and demand, limited quantities, and future regrets whenever someone asks if they should buy a given piece.  The only meaningful discussion point there is future regrets.  Supply and demand and limited quantities are both moot in my mind because nothing has ever been sold just once in the 10 years I’ve been collecting.  Sure, it might cost more later, but there will always be a second chance.  Wait it out, you could get lucky.  I waited seven years to get one of my grails.  Patience of Job, I tell ya.

Now, I should point out that future regret doesn’t mean your current $100 dollar grail is something you didn’t bother to buy a year ago when you didn’t think it was worth retail. That’s the flipper in you talking.  Quash that voice and sacrifice a Dorbz to the Funko Gods in penance.  Real regret is when the little voice in your head says ‘You should have bought it'.  A friend and I once decided to live our lives according to the motto ‘No more should haves’, meaning that if you have to make a decision and one path leads you to the outcome ‘I should have’, then the choice in the moment was to do the thing. Same principal applies here.  Most of the time, it works like a champ. You do it, move on, and you’re happy.  Sure, sometimes you end up in a conference room knowing what several of your co-workers look like naked, but it’s not ‘No more shouldn’t haves’ so you learn to roll with it.

(And for the record...that was a long time ago in another city.  I don’t work with those people anymore.)

Your collection is yours and yours alone, enjoy it.  I’d like to say there’s no wrong way to collect but that’s not really my opinion.  I want people to collect for fun. I don’t believe in collecting for ego or collecting for value.  Collecting for value is pretty straightforward. Those are the people who buy out the entire shelf at a Walgreen's and offer other collectors a deal at $45 plus shipping and fees, ask for lopsided trades, and wind up on Funko Memes.  Or they endlessly drone on about how much their collection is ‘worth’. Not what they have into it, but what they could get out of it.  Oh, and they absolutely don’t display OOB because the toy loses its ‘value’ if they do, which is night and day different from collectors who prefer to leave them in the box for ease of display or neatness.  I’m pretty sure my using a Pop Stax for an Andorian would be seen as a waste of a stax to these people because he’s a common.  I find he makes a pretty good shelf.   

These collectors are all about the money.  They’re usually no fun to talk to because they have no souls.

Collecting for ego is a little more subtle.  It’s kind of like pornography, hard to describe but you know it when you see it.  Like whenever someone gets called ‘toyking’ or ‘protomonster’ then turns around and starts hashtagging all their own posts with it.  Or pretending to be good friends with the people who run Funko or Funko’s social media outlets (all of whom are great people, BTW).  Perhaps they run a forum, unilaterally change everything to suit themselves, fire moderators, ban members, then get bent out of shape and quit in a huff when they’re called on it.  Not that I’ve seen anything like that recently, but I’ve heard it can happen.

Or, maybe they write a semi-regular blog on collecting Funko...wait...that can’t be right.  

In either case, value or ego, you’re spending money for attention and if that’s your thing, then buy a whore. They’ll spend time with you AND pretend to care.  I will do neither.

So, should you buy it?  If you love it, absolutely.  Buy Limited Editions and exclusives and chases and variants if that’s your thing.  Do you want all the Star Wars or Game of Thrones?  Save your pennies and good luck to you!  Just want to buy green pops?  Okay...little niche-y, but hey, whatever bobs your wobbler.  

In the end, collect because you love it.  

You’re the one who has to live with this stuff.
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