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GonzoGeek vs. The Oscars 2016:  Best Actor

The Academy Awards are Sunday, so it's time for the (mostly) annual predictions from the revered GonzoGeek panel: Bruce, John, Hunter, Sarah, Rey Swanko, film critic Randall Yelverton, Keith Flippen, working actor/acting instructor at The Actors Place, and Bruce’s copy of WWE 2K13 for Xbox 360

Today: Best Actor

The Nominees: 

  • Bryan Cranston, Trumbo (+5000)
  • Matt Damon, The Martian (+3300)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revanant (-5000)
  • Michael Fassbender, Steve Jobs (+1200)
  • Eddie Redmayne, The Danish Girl (+1000) 

Odds provided by Bovada (formerly Bodog) on 2/9/16

BRUCE - Let's see.  We've got a pair of three biopics, one deconstructed Western and a semi-sci-fi movie.  Interesting batch of nominees.  Again, I've failed my reader(s).  I've only seen one of the nominated performances.  Like a couple of my fellow panelists, I feel like DiCaprio is REALLY overrated.  He's become the male version of Meryl Streep...without the talent.  Every year he grabs an Oscar bait movie and lays it on thick only to run up against some unexpected challenge.  This may be his year, but I hope not.  Do we really need TWO Steve Jobs biopics...already?  Eddie Redmayne won last year so Oscar voters won't feel bad for bypassing him this year.  They'll also skip Bryan Cranston which is a shame because I want him to EGOT.  That's how much I loved Breaking Bad.  All that being said, I'm still voting for the only performance I saw.  Matt Damon WAS The Martian.  As good as the movie was, it slowed to a crawl when he wasn't on the screen.  The dude is an engaging everyman who seems to enjoy what he's doing without subjecting us to bad accents and turgid projects.  MATT DAMON

JOHN - This seems like the year that Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins his Oscar.

HUNTER - Look….I’m inclined to say that I hate Leonardo Dicaprio. I just don’t think he’s that talented of an actor. Every November, when Oscar movies start getting released, I say the phrase “Oh! What accent is Leo gonna butcher this year to critical acclaim?” This year…that accent is a series of grunts. He’s the worst in the category. Everyone else nominated for Best Actor does a better job than him. Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl is utterly heartbreaking, but Matt Damon carries a 2 and a half hour movie almost entirely by himself. Also, I loved Fassbender as Steve Jobs, but I feel like that’s because I loved that movie and everything that Aaron Sorkin does so much. But Damon. My pick is Damon. But Leo will probably win. Ugh…MATT DAMON

SARAH - I want to say Leo because he's a phenom. Having said that, I was beyond impressed with Michael Fassbender

REY SWANKO - Leonidas comed back from the dead and beated the Persians. We have sees this already, like 300 times. Borings. Oscaring for who killed him. No Oscaring for who bringed him back.

My favoritest Martian was Mr. Hand. No Oscaring.

I watched the whole movings. Where were the X-Mens, Steve Jobber? Coulds you just wave your hands at the screens and make them appears? Better movings if you dids. No Oscaring.

Eddie is no Alicia Vikingander, but they musts needs five names. No Oscaring.

Just gives it to Mr. White, bitches.

RANDALL - Leonardo DiCaprio

KEITH - I really really like Bryan Cranston here for Trumbo.  I felt his physical and vocal characterization was strong in an important story. The performance was believable and nuanced with good emotional range. They probably won;t give it to him for feature because he’s probably seen by many as a TV actor.

Matt Damon was a smart, funny, and pro science Matt Damon on Mars. Still, there was more emotional material to mine in the story but it was left in the book. the missing story would have given him more emotional range to explore but also would have given US a 3 our + movie…. and who needs that much more frigging ABBA?

Steve Jobs - Michael Fassbender - great solid performance but it feels as though we have all had to watch one too many Steve Jobs pics already.

Leo - the Revenant - UGH. Ya know, where is the line between an actor acting and an actor dealing with Terrence Malick style imposed genuine suffering? If I’m am going to be subjected to Leo masturbating on camera I’ll take the traditional version.

Eddie Redmayne - well, yes, good performance in a role that violates the rule that if actors are going to dress as women in film it must be a comedy. It was brave territory and solid work but not going to get a shiny medal from the industry. Not yet. Besides, he got one last year.

WWE2K13 - As always, we will be setting up a fatal four way so the nominee with the longest odds gets cut. I was short on time so this year we went with Battle Royal rules. Today we say goodbye to Bryan Cranston and I will not get to map him to The Godfather...bitches.  Next year. As for the other nominees...

MATT DAMON - a man whose career is thought to be over turns it around to become an inspiration to everyone...DDP

LEONARDO DICAPRIO - not the most talented of his generation, but the one the establishment continues to shove down our throat regardless...JOHN CENA

MICHAEL FASSBENDER - as Steve Jobs...the icon...the showstopper...HBK

EDDIE REDMAYNE - artist struggles with his identity...also...wigs...GOLDUST

I knew it was going to happen when I mapped them out.  I guess I've just given into the sense of inevitability I feel about this race.  I can't even bring myself to go into detail on the results.

Fassbender eliminates Redmayne.  Fassbender eliminates Matt Damon.  Then, when the hard work is done, DiCaprio grandstands and clotheslines Fassbender to the outside.



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