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Funko Rant:  Factory Errors


Everybody makes them.  I make my share.  I bet you make yours.  Let’s call it even.

Funko is no stranger to mistakes. I’ve been collecting for over a decade and can count on my hands, your hands, and the hands of all of my coworkers the number of mistakes I’ve seen.  Misprinted boxes, botched paint jobs, missing stickers and so forth.  Older collectors don't make too big a deal out of them, they return it or buy another one and move on.  New collectors, well...ever heard the phrase ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’?  That’s what some of them think when they find a fudge up.

And they believe they’re sitting on found money.

In collectibles, mistakes can be worth a lot of money, or at least more than their unmistaked counterparts. The Inverted Jenny stamp, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The Billy Ripken ‘F**k Face’ baseball card sells for more than his brother’s card of the same era, and Cal is the Hall of Fame. But those are exceptions.  Most errors fall into the ‘novelty’ category, kind of funny but mostly worthless unless you like that kind of thing. Point being, no one’s sending a kid through college on an upside down Hot Wheels.

Funko’s mistakes are no different.  Some are worth a lot of money, the rest are not.  If you’re wondering which ones have real ‘value’, here they are and why they’ll cost you more.  The prices I've listed here are based upon a rough average of closed Ebay sales, which I ran about 15 minutes ago.  They are not based on the Pop Price Guide.  Also note, prices are always fluctuating.  If you think you want one or want to sell one, do your own research for it's current value.


Error Logo Batman

Someone left the wrong decal in the press and a whole bunch of Batman figures got the yellow Bat emblem instead of a plain black bat. Funko admitted these are wrong and that got collectors all kinds of fired up.  No one knows how many of them are out there, but let’s say ‘a lot’.  There’s always a couple on Ebay or FB at any given time and people want it because it’s an acknowledged mistake and it's Batman.  It get’s a little pricey, about 100 bucks for the regular version, 250-300 for the metallic chase.  

Non-Bobble Logan/Wolverine

ALL Marvel Pops (and Star Wars) are bobble-heads due to existing licensing agreements for action figures.  That's right, some people consider these toys.  However, add a spring and they no longer compete with the likes of Hasbro and Mattel.  I'm sure some lawyer somewhere must have shit a brick when this version of Wolverine hit the shelves. spring. It's an action figure again!  No other Marvel Pop like it!  How many out there? Again, ‘a lot’.  Like Batman, he’s on Ebay all the time.  Set your budget to 80-ish.

Red Dragon Daenerys

There is no crying in baseball and no red dragons in Westeros, just the wings.  This error features an entirely red dragon.  I think the popularity of this one rises and falls with the show.  She sells for about 50-70 bucks.  The regular red-wing edition, about 10.  When the show completes it’s run, I bet her price tanks.

Black and White Glow Head Deadpool from Matt’s Calvacade of Comics.

I hate this piece. Not because it’s wrong, it is a legitimate screw up, but for how it was marketed.  Non-glow, black and white Deadpools shipped out to collectors, and approximately one in every six recipients found out that the head glowed in the dark.  Matt’s says that they went through their inventory once the mistake was discovered and  pulled the glow heads, eventually selling them as their own edition, a “FACTORY DEFECT with Glowing Head Wizard World Comic Con Exclusive Figure” no less (see above).  They mathmatized an approximate edition size based on the assumed 1 to six ratio and described it as being an ‘edition size no more than’ a couple hundred pieces. In other words, who the f**k knows?  Because it's Deadpool, it sells for a lot, somewhere around 125.  


Outside of those four, there aren’t really any other Funko mistakes that are worth a crap. People make the case for box errors, but they’re wrong. Quality control just isn't up to snuff.  And besides, not all box errors are errors.  Early Pops said either ‘Vinyl Figure’ or ‘Vinyl Bobble-Head’ depending on the line, where it was sold and if it was actually a bobble-head.  Funko changed the design on DC Pops last year (or maybe the year before) so different boxes for your Batman, Superman, etc. isn’t a big deal.  

Here's a couple of the better known goofs.  Go to Ebay and check my math.  They're not worth much.

Fozzy Bear instead of Fozzie Bear only matters to Muppet fans, and even they don’t care.  

TWD’s ‘Governor’, or ‘Govenor’ for you phonetics out there. Since Gemini Collectibles was selling replacement boxes for both spellings a couple weeks ago, I’m going to go ahead and say ‘No’ to this one. Maybe there are some out there spelled ‘Guvna’ you could track down.

Some people believe that the ‘Hakwman’ piece is an expensive printing error, but pretty much the entire run was spelled wrong except for the Gemini Metallic Exclusives. That’s not to say you can’t make money off of Hakwman, you absolutely can.  But he’s pricey because he’s’s an early Pop with a small edition that nobody bought when it came out, not because the factory in China can’t spell.

I won’t get into numbering errors other than to say that the numbers on the box really don’t matter to Funko as much as they matter to you.  They’re frequently out of sequence, there are gaps (Marvel 63) and if you have a HT Black and White Flash...look closely.  That’s a sticker.  

The early releases of Walgreens’ Star Wars exclusives are usually asked about, because Walgreens was spelled incorrectly, ‘Wallgreens’. That was followed by boxes with a ‘Collect them all!’ sticker, which was followed by a 'Collect them all' printed on the box.  And they changed the sticker.  But guess what?  There’s only like a gazillion of them out there, all the different ways.  People will try to charge you more, but unless you’re into hilarious typos, avoid those sales.  When all is said and done, there will be one of these pops for every household in America.  If they go up it will be due to the fact that it's Star Wars, not a misprint.  Don't expect to make a profit if you're hoarding them.


I have seen people try to sell upside down and backward Pops as errors, but let’s think this one through.  Pop boxes are not sealed and can be opened without damaging the packaging.  You can just as easily fix this ‘error’ as you can make one yourself.  When you see someone trying to sell one of these, go ahead and block them on Facebook.  You don’t need this level of stupid in your life.


After that, pretty much everything else is just a screw up.  Missing paint aps, missing parts…oops.  Superman has no logo…take it back.  Batman has no pants...return him.  Your Mystery Mini is missing a body part?  Well, Funko don’t make amputee chase pieces, so throw them away. They’re all trash.   Without a box, most of these Misfit Toys are properly called ‘scraps’ and they should have ended up in a dumpster or an island waiting for magic reindeer.  Instead, they usually end up on Ebay, listed by Chinese sellers.  If you find one of these bungled beauties in the wild, pass on it unless the mistake amuses you.  Then, by all means, to each their own. You could probably build a really neat (but worthless) collection of pantless superheroes, or octopied zombie killers.  See Conan below.  He's f**ked up.  Even in a mint box, he would be f**ked up. People bid on this.  They're f**ked up. 

The point of this rant is that most Funko ‘Factory Errors’ don’t matter much.  Mistakes are common enough that seasoned collectors know a missing hand, or a misspelled box are part of collecting Funko, not the golden ticket.  Pops are basically 10 dollar toys.  Some can be worth a lot of money if they’re out of production, limited editions, or tied to a particular event (SDCC), but for the most part, your 10 dollar toy will remain a 10 dollar toy no matter how sturdy the Pop Protector (I’m actually a fan of these).  Please, please, please quit trying to gin up the price on them by telling us all that a missing hand is worth 100 dollars, and quit trying to trade your unpainted Batman underwear for things that are worth real money, like protos or Shadowtroopers.  

As always, collect what you like at a price that you like.  10 dollar toys can be a lot of fun if you let them.


Funko/Disney just released the first Pops to be sold exclusively at the park, the ghosts from the Haunted Mansion (they also sold them online).  There’s four in the set, they glow, they’re Disney, they’re from a popular attraction, they sell really, really fast.

And two of them are wrong.

Phineas and Gus are mislabeled. Gus has the beard and ball and chain.  Phineas has the travel tote.  There are rumors that Disney pulled them from the shelves, but based on what most people who went to the parks have reported, they just sold out.  Will they be worth more?  Maybe.  Sellers on Ebay who have realized the mistake are certainly trying to make them worth more.  

What will make them worth more, should it come to that, is if Funko corrects the boxes.  They could go the Wallgreens route and put stickers on the boxes, and that will matter to some people.  They could correct the boxes and re-release them in new packaging, and that could make one more valuable to some people (probably the one there’s fewer of).  In all reality, no one knows until whatever happens next happens, and even then no one may care.

Just ask Fozzy Bear.


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