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Going to ComiCon?  Don’t know what Funko toys to buy?  I get that.  There’s a lot to pick from.  In addition to the kajillion exclusives that Funko’s bringing to the con (and later available at Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic, Amazon and probably Popcultcha), they’re spreading the love around the convention center.  There’s Funko everywhere!  And, because it’s raining today (again), let me help you plan your purchases with this mega Funko checklist!  

(Note: This is everything we’ve seen promoted so far.  Funko has a couple more releases up their sleeve, and there’s always the chance that some other vendor might announce something this week.)  

Funko released the FINAL batch of Con Exclusives today.  The list now reflects the changes.  Looks like the much hoped for Black Dalek and Unmasked Tony Stark are going to show up somewhere else.  Also missing from this years releases are 'Game of Thrones' and 'Walking Dead'.  I assume it is because they ran out of red paint for ‘blood splattering’. 

But the biggest surprise was the announcement of Funko Pop! Tees.  The damn things are numbered so I guess they’ll become collectible.  Now we need Pop Tee Protectors to keep them free of folds and wrinkles.

If you’re a completeist, print this list, drain your bank account and go nuts!  Keep checking back, I might be adding a downloadable PDF later this week.

But for now…...

Funko Booth (#5341 - but really, the whole back corner behind Artist’s Alley)

Funko’s going to have a ton of releases.  Over 60, maybe more if they do a Mystery Mini assortment which can be counted as ‘one’ or ‘twelve’ depending on your mood. They’ve been dribbling out release information every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on their company blog.  As of this posting, they’re up to 10 previews.  I’ll update the list as more pieces are released or if prices ever magically appear.  That being said, go by the following rules of thumbs.  This is based off current price at retail, previous year’s show pricing and flat out guessing.

Regular Pop - 15 (Batman vs Superman - 25)

6” Pop - 20

Pop Rides - 25

Dorbz - 12

Dobz XL - 25

Hikari - 50

Hikari Premium - 80

Reaction - 15 (Jaws - 30)

Vinyl Idolz - 25

Pop! Tees - 25



  • 29 - Futurama – Gold Bender

  • 40 - Hanna Barbera: Lil’ Gruesome (Orange/Blue Coat)

  • 40 - Hanna-Barbera: Lil’ Gruesome (Green/Black Coat)

  • 40 - Hanna-Barbera: Lil’ Gruesome (Yellow/Green Coat)

  • 40 - Hanna-Barbera: Lil’ Gruesome (Red/Silver Coat)

  • 47 - Dragonball Z Golden Frieza


  • 111 - Big Hero 6 - Transluscent Glitter Emoticon Baymax

  • 128 - Cars – ‘Dinoco’ McQueen

  • 132 - Inside Out – Sparkle Hair Joy

  • 133 - Inside Out – Sparkle Hair Sadness

  • 136 - Inside Out – Flamehead Anger

  • 143 - Big Hero 6 – 6″ Baymax Unmasked

  • 144 - Frozen – Barbershop Quartet Olaf

  • 147 - Tangled - Frying Pan Rapunzel & Red Pascal


  • 85 - Ant-Man – Black Out Ant-Man

  • 83 - Avengers: Age of Ultron – Grinning Ultron

  • 92 - Avengers Age of Ultron Captain America Unmasked

  • 93 - Guardians of the Galaxy – Nova Rocket with Potted Groot


  • 161 - Penguins of Madagascar – Cheesy Skipper

  • 171 - Minions - Gone Batty

  • 187 - Ted 2 – Flocked Ted

  • 202 - Jason Voorhees Unmasked

  • Batman vs Superman 2-pack (unumbered)

Pop! Rides:

  • 10 - X-Force Deadpool’s Chimichanga Truck

Sesame Street:

  • 06 - 6″ Flocked Mr. Snuffleupagus

Star Wars:

  • 13 - Chrome C-3PO Gold

  • 54 - Princess Leia: Boushh Unmasked


  • 95 - Supernatural Castiel – French Mistake

  • 162 - Breaking Bad - Crystal Blue Heisenberg
  • 208 - The Arrow: Unmasked
  • 214 - The Flash – The Flash Unmasked

  • 235 - Doctor Who – 11th Doctor holding Cyberman Head

  • 239 - Doctor Who – 12th Doctor (spacesuit)

  • 243 - American Horror Story: Freak Show – Twisty Unmasked

  • 258 - Orphan Black – Parka Helena

  • 274 - Once Upon A Time – Regina

Television - Special!

  • 278 - Hannibal: Bryan Fuller (15.00)

PLEASE READ: 144 piece edition ONLY available during his signing at the Funko booth on Friday, July 10th @ 2PM.  All other booth sales will be put on hold during the signing.   According to Funko’s press release, you can have other Hannibal Pop’s signed as well.  No mention is made in regards to having non-Funko items signed.  You should probably ask a booth worker.


  • 036 - Batman – Thrillkill Batman

  • 036 - Batman - 50’s Batman

  • 006 - X-Force Deadpool

  • 014 - GOTG Mossy Groot

Dorbz XL (6”)

  • 01 - 6″ Batman

  • 03 - Guardians of the Galaxy – Mossy Groot

  • 04 - Guardians of the Galaxy - Rocket Raccoon


  • Universal Monsters – Antique Verdigris Metaluna Mutant (500pc)

  • Marvel – Frosted Groot (Premium, 1000pc)

  • Star Wars – Darth Vader Matte Black (Premium, 1000pc)

  • Star Wars – 501st Clone Trooper (1500pc)

  • Star Wars – Infrared Boba Fett (Premium, 1000pc)

  • Marvel – Cosmic Powers Deadpool (1750pc)


  • Jaws – Bloody Quint and Shark

  • Flash Unmasked

  • Arrow Unmasked

  • Breaking Bad – Dead Gustavo Fring (500pc)

  • Terminator 2 – T1000 with Hole in Head

  • Terminator 2 – T1000 with Hook Arms

Vinyl Idolz

  • Ghostbusters – Marshmallowed Egon Spengler

  • Ghostbusters – Marshmallowed Raymond Stantz

  • Ghostbusters – Slimed Dr. Peter Venkman

POP! Tees

  • 00 - SDCC Freddy Funko

  • 00 - Freddy Funko 8-Bit Pixelated

  • 02 - Ghostbusters – Burnt Stay Puft

  • 05 - TMNT - Skyline Group

  • 14 - Marvel - Black Widow (women’s only)

  • 16 - MOTU - Skeletor

BAIT (booth #4845)

 A REALLY late addition to the list.


    • Wade/Curry (30)
    • James/Howard (30)
    • Rose/Westbrook (30)

Blizzard Entertainment
(booth #115)

Blizzard will have several exclusives at their booth but the only one that the Funko crowd cares about is this one: a multi-colored Murloc 3-pack!  Blizzard is clear on the other end of the convention center from the Funko booth.  Plan your route accordingly.


  • Murloc 3 Pack (29.99)

Fugitive Toys (booth #601) (also available online)

Fugitive will have three new Pop exclusives this year, which they are also selling

online if you can’t make it to the con.  They’re near the middle of the convention floor, in with the toy and comic vendors.  They bring a ton of Pop with them, as well as some protos.  I don’t know if they’ll have any with them at the show, but they also sell Pop protectors.


  • White Lantern Wonder Woman (20.00)

  • White Lantern Wonder Woman Glow (25.00)

  • Diggle in the Arrow Costume (20.00)

Funimation (
booth #4135)


Funimation will have several Comicon Exclusives, only one of which is of interest to Funko fans.  The Golden Frieza Pop with Red eyes.  Someone asked on FB if there were two Golden Firezas and the answer is yes.  The edition size is not a typo.  DO NOT pay an Ebay premium for this one.   Also available on Funimation's website.  I've seen several people who've already ordered one.


  • DBZ - Golden Frieza Pop - Red Eyes ($15.00 - 10,000pcs) 

(booth #4945)

Funko and Super7 work together to produce the retro-style ReAction Line, which I knew, yet completely blanked out on when compiling the list.  They will have  5 ReAction exclusives: a super-cool glow Universal Monster set, NBC Christmas ornaments, a ReAction Playset, and a MOTU Proto set.  The Monster set will be available at the booth, the Masters of the Universe will be sold at the Super7 store in the East Village (708 E. Ave).  And there’s a catch: you’ll need to get a Skeletor token from either Super7 or Mattel to get into the store.  No walking in off the street.  Their booth is only a couple aisles over from Funko.  Make the trip.  They have nice non-Funko exclusives, too.


  • Universal Monster Haunted Crypt ($65.00 - limit one per customer)
  • NBC - Jack Skellington Ornament ($20.00 - limit one per customer)
  • NBC - Sally Ornament ($20.00 - limit one per customer)
  • Haunted House ReAction Playset ($75.00 - limit one per customer)
  • MOTU Stage 1 Proto set ($65.00 - limit one per customer, Pop-up store only)  *This piece is not being advertised as a ReAction release by Super7, but is shown as a ReAction piece on several websites.  It's in the ReAction style.  I suggest you make the trip to the pop up store and check it out for yourself.

Toy Tokyo (
booth #5339-5341)

9 Exclusives Announced.  They’re located next to (surrounded by) Funko in the back corner behind Artist’s Alley with all the other designer toys.  If you’re in line for Funko, you might not realize you’re standing in their booth.

No prices have been released, I suspect they'll be in line with Funko's prices.  I also suspect extras will be available on their website after the Con.


  • Glow in the Dark Catbug
  • Universal Monsters Flocked Wolfman
  • Robot Devil
  • Mean Machine Vehicle


  1. Terminator with Grenade Launcher
  2. Universal Monsters Flock Woflman


  • Power Version Gigantor
  • Metal Storm Gigantor
  • Prism Storm Trooper


Conan (??)

4 Exclusive Conan O’Brien (not the Barbarian) have been announced and there’s been a lot of buzz about them, but nobody knows squat. right now.  No information has been released on how or where they’ll be released.  They could be sold at a booth.  They will be given away at his TV tapings, they could be dropped from helicopters for all we know.  I’ll fix this page when information comes available.  But for right now:

The latest and greatest from the grapevine is that they will be given away at the tapings.  Good luck getting these.  Gonna be expensive!

  • Conan

  • Conan’s Monster

  • Conan Batman

  • Conan Zombie


Mindstyle at Sparks Gallery

Another late addition to the list.  Mindstyle and Funko are putting on a show/display at Sparks Gallery in the Gaslamp (530 E 6th).  They will be featuring all kinds of Pop Asia exclusives including Pop and Hikari.  From the looks of things, this promises to be pretty damn cool.  What's not to like about 6 foot tall Hikari?  Show opens tomorrow. 

How long will the lines be?

Well, at the booth, crazy long.  Insanely crazy long.  Probably capped from time to time as well.  Funko is making several changes this year that should make it much better for collectors.  First, their footprint is much larger.  Hopefully this will give them more space to queue people up and to store extra stock.  I’m sure everyone will continue to hate on the booth workers, especially Jim, aka ‘The Line Nazi’ aka ‘The Dirty Bouncer’ aka ‘Funko Jesus’.  Believe it or not, they the workers do try to run off exhibitors, but there’s only so much they can do when exhibitors have regular passes as well, and just swapped them while they’re waiting in line. Hoping to deter these bastards, Funko says they will be enforcing a ‘one per person rule’.  Don’t freak out, this isn’t to say that you can only buy one piece at a time, but rather you can only get one of each exclusive at a time.  If, for example, you want to buy two Vader Hikari, you’re going to have to get creative with people in the line around you, go through the line multiple times, or refund that Ebay Pre-sale you thought you had locked up.  

And now I’ve seen confirmation of what I heard back in May, people will not be going into the booth to rummage for themselves.  They’ll be filling out an order sheet, handing it to a booth worker and having their order brought to a checkout counter.  Additionally, no exhibitors will be allowed into the booth on Preview night, nor will they be allowed in the line for the first hour of the day.  Add the ‘one exclusive at a time’ and the booth should be much smoother this year.  Maybe, I’ll even get to talk to some of them this year.

As for other booths, your only problem will likely  be Toy Tokyo.  They share space with Funko and getting in and out could be difficult (a nightmare).  Plan accordingly.  Fugitive Toys can be busy, but they move people through there pretty quick.  I don’t know what to expect at Blizzard, but they only have three exclusives so I can’t imagine it being out of control.  If I can get decent signals in the hall, I’ll post pictures to twitter and instagram @productofsloth.

Hey...can you pick me up…

Can’t make it to the show?  Keep in mind that a number of pieces have been designated as ‘Convention Exclusives’ or listed as ‘Limited Editions’ without a number.  Those pieces will more than likely show up at Barnes and Noble as part of their ‘Pop Culture’ events, and Hot Topic shortly after the Con.  There is rumored to be a list of what’s going to be at BN, it also rumored to be inaccurate.  Bug a store manager if you have some free time.  Amazon might have a few pieces as well. Earlier this summer, several pieces briefly appeared on the Popcultcha website.  Among them Black Out Antman and Cheesy Penquin.  I guess we know two pieces that you’ll be able to find elsewhere.  In years past, leftover con swag has been available on Gemini Collectibles, including pieces from the Funday’s event.  More on that later.

PS: About those shared exclusives….

In case you don’t care if they’re accurate or not, here are the supposed lists of shared exclusives with Barnes and Noble and Hot Topic.  They might know about them, they might not.  If you’ve been playing the game properly, you should be friends with them already and have these pieces on hold.

Barnes and Noble

  • Unmasked Captain America

  • Unmasked Arrow

  • K-3PO (typo??)

  • Blackout Antman

  • Sparkle Hair Joy

  • Black Dalek

  • Jelly Baby 4th Dctor

  • 6" Flocked Snuffleupagus

  • 6" Groot Dorbz

  • 6" Rocket Dorbz

  • Reaction Unmasked Flash

  • Reaction Unmasked Arrow

I’ll repeat what I’ve said before - these lists might be wrong.  If you’ve read through this post you’ll notice that neither Black Dalek or Jelly Baby 4th Doctor were previewed in any of the Funko SDCC releases.  They are rumored to be store exclusives, or maybe wishful thinking.  

Hot Topic

  • Gold Bender

  • Metallic C-3PO

  • Unmasked Twisty

  • Orphan Black Helena

  • Glitter Sadness

  • Gone Batty Minion

  • 11th Dr. with handles

  • Rocket with Baby Groot

Toys R Us

  • ReAction - Terminator: T1000 - Which is on shelves NOW.  I could have bought one Sunday.

    There will probably be more.

BN and HT have been especially tight-lipped about what they will have.  The only information anyone's been able to get out of them is that they'll be put out Thursday when the stores open and they'll be limited to one of each per person.  You guys are probably going to wish that you went to San Diego when it's all over.

Last year, buyers at Hot Topic managed to get exclusives with SDCC stickers (if you’re a sticker freak).  It was hit or miss and I wouldn’t count on it happening again.  But as I write this someone is posting they bought a Sparkle Hair Joy at a BN with the SDCC sticker so all bets are off.  If you see stuff like this showing up on Ebay at ridiculous prices, keep your wits about you and bid responsibly.  In two weeks time Ebay is going to be flooded with rare, VHTF exclusives.

PPS:  Leftovers

Gemini WILL have SDCC exclusives, as well as Funday's pieces, but won't know quantities until the show is over.  Chances are they will have booth-only leftovers, not just the shared exclusives.  I would check the website throughout the Con.  They will also be listing protos.

Popcultcha in Australia has confirmed via social media that they have convention exclusives and will post them for sale when the show opens on Thursday.  Being that they are 17 hours ahead, look for these releases to coincide with Preview night.  Start hitting refresh tomorrow at lunch while you're at work.  Your boss will love you.

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