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Oscars 2014:  Best Actor

The Academy Awards are Sunday, so it's time for the annual predictions from the revered GonzoGeek panel: Bruce, Chris, John, Hunter, David Cantu of Cinema Deviant, film critic Randall Yelverton, Rey Swanko and Bruce’s copy of WWE 13 for Xbox 360

Today: Best Actor

The Nominees: 

Christian Bale, American Hustle (75/1)

Bruce Dern, Nebraska (40/1)

Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street (13/1)

Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club (1/5)

Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave (6/1)

Odds provided by Bovada (formerly Bodog).


Most of these categories are going to come down to a fight between American Hustle and The Wolf Of Wall Street for me. In this case, however, one contender (Christian Bale, AH) gets knocked down and another steps to the fore. I don’t like Bale and Chiwetel Ejiofor’s performance in 12 Years A Slave is impossible to ignore.

Now the conundrum…I’ve wanted Leonardo di Caprio to win an Oscar since The Basketball Diaries. I think he has always been underestimated as just another Hollywood pretty boy. I think he’s deserved to win an Oscar in the past and does again this year. I also think, however, that the Academy will pick Ejiofor. He will be a deserving winner. But Leo will once again be left out.



This seems like it's McConaughey's award to win, but I like a good underdog story so let's go with Bruce Dern here.



MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY   WILL PEOPLE JUST SHUT UP ABOUT LEONARDO DICAPRIO?!?! Look....I don't like the guy. I don't think he's that good. I never have (and this is, of course, in my very humble opinion). Why, oh why, should a smarmy dick win an award for playing a smarmy dick? Everybody loves to see someone get their life back on track, and that is what Matthew McConaughey has done this year. His win won't be so much for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club (WHICH IS AMAZING!), but it will be for his career renaissance that's occurred this year (and him being on HBO's stellar True Detective every Sunday sure helps cement his talent in the eyes of Academy voters).



I think it comes down to Ejiofor and McConaughey.  I saw both of these movies on the same day a while back.  It was a bleak day.  While there is a case to be made for Ejiofor.  His performance as a man sold into slavery is haunting.  Still it’s easy to feel for a man in that situation.  McConaughey’s turn as a homophobic redneck diagnosed with AIDS and coming to terms with all that entails was riveting.  Those I jokingly referred to the character as AIDS Wooderson, that’s just not the case.  McConaughey has been on a role since reapplying himself to his craft and I think the Academy will reward him for it.



Sacrifice usually gets you noticed by the Academy and dropping all that weight for the role shows his commitment to it. He gave a powerful performance that almost made you get lost in the character besides his usual country boy accent but it’s the asshole “with a heart of gold” part of his character that will get him the win.



McConaughey gave a very good performance in a conventional film about an important topic. A win for him also feeds into the narrative of McConaughey as the comeback kid. Voters love to do their part in crafting a winning narrative via their selection.



Hola ‘Migos!

Womens, these are pretty mans, no? Mebee not so much Bruce Diggs.  But he once did owns a town so mebee he has the moneys instead of the looks?.  Now he is in the Nebraska with the Squibbles womens.  I think mebee he has none money.  Not Oscared.

Leonardo DiCapricorn - I likes the movies when he dies. Not Oscared!

Christy Bale - He is already the Batsman.  Not Oscared!

Matts McConnelly - Alright, alright. Nots to make it rain on your parades, but keep your shirts on at the show.  You are playing the squishy.  You will not be Oscared.

Chi McBride - He has been on many, many cancelled shows.  Is he a black Bob Urich.  Or was the Spencer a white Chi McBride? Like a Lazarus mans, he keeps coming back.  I like that he has grits in his craw.  Oscared!


WWE 13

It’s been a rough WWE 13 season for the cast of American Hustle.  Both actresses lost their matches.  Bradley Cooper was left out due to his long odds.  Today, Christian Bale and his 75/1 odds join Cooper on the sidelines.  That leaves us with…

Bruce Dern – well respected, very grizzled veteran makes one more run…TERRY FUNK

Leonardo DiCaprio – the poster boy of the establishment.  Continually pushed to the top despite his obvious shortcomings…RANDY ORTON

Chiwetel Ejiofor – versatile performer who has worked all kinds of styles.  Plays a man whose opportunities are limited by the system that sees him as inferior even though he demonstrates an unexpected musical ability…CHRIS JERICHO

Matthew McConaughey – Texan who showed great promise early on.  Got sidetracked when he went the Hollywood (Blondes) route.  Refocused himself to rise to the top of his craft.  Also, catchphrases.  What?  Alright!...STEVE AUSTIN

The bell rings and McConaughey goes right after Dern.  DiCaprio wastes no time locking up with Ejiofor.  McConaughey whips Dern into the corner and begins to stomp a mud hole in him.  At 2:55, McConaughey hits the Just Keep Stunnin’ on Dern.  With Dern dazed and confused, McConaughey locks in the Million Dollar Dream and that’s the end of Dern’s comeback dreams.  DiCaprio and Ejiofor are battling outside the ring.  DiCaprio, who ironically played a plantation owner last year, posts Ejiofor, drawing blood.  DiCaprio heads back into the ring.  McConaughey takes an RKO and a powerslam from Leo.   Things look bleak for Matthew, but he shows why he is the best of his generation, reversing Leo and nailing him with an RKO of his own.  McConaughey covers with a goofy smug grin on his face.  Leo is done.  McConaughey goes outside to take care of Ejiofor.  Things don’t go well.  Ejiofor has been biding his time.  He quickly whips McConaughey onto the announce table and delivers a Codebreaker.  He posts McConaughey twice for good measure and then rolls him back into the ring.  Ejiofor pulls McConaughey up, only to have Matthew use his own Codebreaker against him.  McConaughey quickly covers for the pinfall and the Oscar.  Alright!  Alright!


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