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The Academy Awards are Sunday, so it's time for the annual predictions from the revered GonzoGeek panel: Bruce, Chris, John, Hunter, David Cantu of Cinema Deviant, film critic Randall Yelverton, Rey Swanko and Bruce’s copy of WWE 13 for Xbox 360

Today: Best Supporting Actor

The Nominees: 

•Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips (10/1)

•Bradley Cooper, American Hustle (45/1)

•Michael Fassbender, 12 Years a Slave (9/1)

•Jonah Hill, The Wolf of Wall Street (22/1)

•Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club (1/10)

Odds provided by Bovada (formerly Bodog).


The man universally regarded as the Nicest Guy in Hollywood, Jonah Hill, takes home the Oscar in a role he stalked Martin Scorcese to get before telling Leo he’d work for Screen Actors Guild-scale if he could sign the contract before the sun went down….and then did so. That kind of dedication, combined with this kind of performance, will be rewarded.



Jared Leto's another Golden Globe winner and my pick to win here. Side note: Jonah Hill now has more total Oscar nominations than Gary Oldman. I'll give you a few minutes to let that soak into your brain.



I would really love to see Bradley Cooper get a win. The last two years, he's managed to pull off some amazing work to have been known as "the handsome one from 'The Hangover.'" His performance in Silver Linings Playbook was AMAZING (I can only imagine how pissed he was [LOOK WHAT I DID GUYS!!! Wait...what's everybody looking at? Is that....Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln? SON OF A BITCH!!!]) Hopefully, Bradley Cooper keeps up the amazing work, because I'd love to see him win one, but not this year either. Leto's been running the table at the award shows leading up to the Oscars, and that is usually a good indicator of things to come.



I haven’t seen Captain Phillips or Wolf of Wall Street so Abdi and Hill are out.  Cooper was a lot of fun as a fed in over his head in American Hustle.  Leto’s Marc Bolin obsessed cross dresser was a work of art from the moment he appeared on the screen.  However, of the three, its Fassbender’s brutal plantation owner that has stuck with me.  His character’s willingness to justify his cruelty and lust with verses from the Bible shone a light on the evil that men do.  That I completely lost Fassbender in the role is always the sign of an award caliber performance to me.



For Leto being a part-time actor now, he made his return to films in the perfect role. It was powerful and emotional at times which makes for the perfect combination for a performance. The man is already a twig but with him losing another 30 pounds or so made him almost unrecognizable which is something that could lead him to the winner’s circle.



As with my other picks, I'm going with Leto, not because he was the best of the bunch--that would be Michael Fassbender who was also gave 2008's best performance for Hunger--but because the conventional wisdom seems to be that this is Leto's year. If you want to win your Oscar pool, go with conventional wisdom. You won't always get every pick right and some years you might even lose, but you'll win most of the time.



Hola ‘Migos!

Today, I Oscars the Bests Supporting Movie Star.  Since I have not seen these peoples on the movies, I Oscars Don Nots.  Mr. Furby was my favorites on the ‘Three’s a Company’ show.  The ways he makes the little girl giggles with the Hardy Korkman crackles me up!  You know he was really a fish, yes?  Is verdad.


WWE 13

Well, looks like Bradley Cooper and his bitchin’ perm are our longest odds so they stay in the locker room while everyone else goes to work.

Barkhad Abdi – since neither Paul Birchill nor Repo Man are in the game, we went with scrappy fighter who gets the rub from teaming up with a much more famous partner…MANKIND

Michael Fassbender – keeping people in line using outdated Southern modalities…BIG BOSSMAN

Jonah Hill – famous for his comic relief, but can turn in a serious performance from time to time…SANTINO MORELLA

Jared Leto – Texas…cross dressing…GOLDUST

Once again we are under no DQ rules.  The bell rings and Fassbender goes right after Abdi.  On the other side of the ring, Santino locks up with Goldust.  In less than 60 seconds, Abdi and Fassbender are brawling on the outside.  Leto and Hill soon join them.  Leto grabs Hill by the jewfro and runs him into the corner post.  Superbad!  The brawling continues for several minutes.  Leto eventually drags Hill back into the ring and plants him with a Curtain Call.  He pins covers and Jonah Hill is gone.  Fassbender and Abdi make it back into the ring.  A double arm DDT by Abdi dishes out some revenge on Fassbender.  Fassbender rebounds and hits a big Sidewalk Slam on Abdi.  The three men size each other up.  Leto and Abdi lock up.  Abdi gets the up hand and powerslams Leto.  He quickly follows it up with a Camel Clutch.   Leto is able to get his high-heeled sneaker on the ropes for the break.  Then Abdi is back on Fassbender with another double arm DDT.  Leto shoves Abdi aside and tries for the pin.  Fassbender kicks out.  Leto follows up with a Curtain Call on the still dazed Fassbender.  Three seconds later and Fassbender is gone.  Leto pops to his feet only to run into Abdi who is waiting for him with a double arm DDT.  The Somali pirate covers and this one is over.


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