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Sketch of the Day (Fall): Victoria ComicCon

Have I ever been away.  Didn't realize I hadn't posted anything in forever until I blanked on my login for the site. 

So I've been a little distracted by the day job, new responsibilities and a couple of home improvement projects that got WAAAAAAAAY out of hand.   In between meltdowns, I did manage to put this together for a Funko collecting buddy down in 'Tejas'.  

The original request was to have 'comic characters in the background'.  I did some rough designs, got an enthusiastic 'yes' on one of my designs and went ahead with developing this one.  I decided on the vintage postcard look because I like it, and it allowed me to used comic characters without being 'too much'.  I spent an entire afternoon tracking down character images that were:  done by the original creators, worked in the letters, and high resolution enough to not pixelate in the final design.  That done, it was a simple matter of recreating the postcard look.  The font is a little too modern, but overall, I'm very happy with the final product.

Oh, and because I sort of confused what was meant by 'the first one'.  This is not the logo for the convention.  That would be this....