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Friday LinkFrogging - 6/8/12
Welcome back kids.

Another Friday and another trip around the internet with yours truly at the wheel and the Gonzo Compadres whispering demented destinations in my ear.

There are, I believe, worst ways to while away a few stolen moments on your way to the weekend.

But before we can set sail, we've first got to welcome our someone else aboard our vessel.

Please say hello to this week's cheesecake, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Before becoming half of one of Hollywood's biggest power couples with the Will Smith, Ms.
Pinkett Smith spent time at Bill Cosby's Hillman College and in such fare as Menace II Society, Jason's Lyric and The Nutty Professor (Eddie Murphy version).

Since becoming the Fresh Princess of Bel-Air, Ms. Pinkett Smith has moved on to more geek friendly projects such as the two lesser Matrix movies, Scream 2 and Collateral.

Still, her biggest career success has come as the voice of Gloria the hippo in the animated Madagascar movies, the third of which opens today at a theater near you...I'm sure.

Between trips through the matrix and Ben Stiller's ego, Ms. Pinkett Smith also spent some time fronting the band Wicked Wisdom.

Check them out won't you?

Let's hit the links.

Battleship Earth?: New Pentagon weapons projects. 

CDC: Zombie Apocalypse NOT underway

Museum of Endangered Sounds

New Star Wars movies? Don’t hold your breath.

Human societies starting to resemble ant colonies

“WTF is Kanye West making?” – T. Morgan

Punk Britannia BBC documentary, Part 1: Pre-Punk 1972-76

Spoilers w/Kevin Smith: Girls Just Wanna Have Guns, feat. The Snow White movie and Carrie Fisher

All Pigs Must Die – LIVE! – (full set) Scion Rock Fest, Tampa, June 2, 2012.

F- Monsanto

Danny Sugarman recounts his youth with Jim Morrison

Sean Parker’s ‘Airtime’ finally launches

Three words you never want to see together...vicious scrotum attack.

What's the opposite of the previously linked Camelflage? This is.

Sex Pistols action figures.  I guess that means Sid has stabbing action.

The offical trailer for Tarantino's new Django Unchained.

The Zune is dead.  Wait...wasn't it DOA?

Which of the Before Watchmen books is the early favorite?

Where does the New 52 go after its first year?

In memory of Richard Dawson, a look at his awesome turn in The Running Man.

EA and the UFC are back in bed together.

Kenny Powers historical mashups.

The child star to hottie transition.

And finally, this one is for Stephe, encounters with Virgil, the saddest man in pro wrestling.

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