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Friday LinkFrogging - 6/1/12
Welcome to June kids.

Summer's here and the time is right for dancing in the streets.

It's been a very long week here at GonzoGeek world headquarters.  We've secured swanky lodging for our July trip to Comic-Con.  We've conducted some interviews.  We've read some comics.  Hell, we've even made pizza this week.

All in all a good week.

But through it all, one thing kept nagging at me.  I wasn't happy with what I had done.  I needed to make it up to you.

My selection of J'Lo had opened me up to some ridicule.  Hell, even my wife told me I took the easy way out.  So I've had to live with that shame for the last couple of weeks.

This week, faced with another obvious choice in Kristen Stewart, I knew I had to go deeper.  I had to try harder.  I had to make a better selection for our discerning readers.

So, without further ado, please say hello to Katrina Bowden.

Perhaps best known for her role as Cerie, 30 Rock's anti-Liz, Ms. Bowden has been putting together an impressive resume during her summers off.  She has appeared in Sex Drive, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and American Reunion.  This week she's starring in Piranha 3DD, a movie that also features Christopher Lloyd, Gary Busey and those twin towers of Davidness, Hasselhoff and Koechner.

Let that soak in for a minute.

Doc Brown, Mr. Joshua, MItch Buchannon and Champ Kind surrounded by bikini chicks and killer fish.  You are so welcome America.

Let's hit the links.

Ditch your Facebook!  Ditch your iDevice!
“We Didn’t Get Famous” The Story of the Southern Music Underground, 1978-1990

How to get endorsed in the music industry

KISS’ 1975 visit to Cadillac, Mich., being made into a movie.

Your babysitter needs, answered!

Gilbert Gottfried reads Fifty Shades of Grey

R.L. Burnside videos

Cattle Decapitation, ‘Monolith of Inhumanity’ studio report, vocals

A peek inside the notebooks of famous authors, artists, and visionaries.

Another loud mouth gets his.

Bangkok body collectors

Eat healthier

Interviews with Nasum, Brutal Truth, and Dropdead

African ethnic-cleanser Robert Mugabe asked to be UN tourism leader.

The NBA. Evidently the officiating is really, really bad. Still.

CBGB movie cast revealed. (Filming in Savannah?!)

Cutaway F1 race car (video)

Jose Canseco for Mayor!

50 metal and hard rock musicians’ yearbook photos. Really great.

The Little League Loyalist.

Four impressive Twitter apps for your browser.

So, as it turns out Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern, is DC's newly gay character.  Geoff Johns scoffs at your impotent nerd rage.

Bill Murray as the Human Torch?

And now, a few moments with Tenacious D!

Dear Terry Francona, Please Stop Emailing Photos Of Yourself Half-Naked In A Towel To My Girlfriend

And finally, just in time for Sunday's season finale, the 10 biggest changes made to the story in season two of HBO's Game of Thrones.
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