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Friday LinkFrogging - 5/4/12
Happy Star Wars Day kids.

That's right today is May the fourth.  You do the pun.

And while Star Wars looms as one of the touchstones of the Geek-o-verse, today isn't about the Force, or Vader or even Princess Leia's metal bikini.

No, today is May the fourth.  Today is the day the Avengers assemble at a multiplex near you.

Avengers is one of, if not THE, most anticipated movie of the summer blockbuster season and it comes out today.

Marvel films has been building up to this since the 2008 debut of Iron Man.  Slowly, patiently, they've laid down each piece of the team in its own movie.  Some have been better than others, but each was a necessity to get us to today.

Fanboys have been clamoring for a "team" movie for as long as there have been teams in comic books.  Now, I'm not talking about X-Men.  They are a singular unit, Wolverine not withstanding.  No, I'm talking about a team of freestanding, independent characters uniting against a singular foe.

It hasn't happened until today.  Well, that is if you don't count this...

DC can't even seem to get a Superman movie right, putting them in a distant second place here.

No, this one is Marvel's to lose, but based on the early reviews, they're not going to let us down.

Or, as David said yesterday after attending a preview screening of Avengers (bastard!)..."It's fantastic!"

So, when it came time to pick this week's cheesecake, it wasn't a matter of if it would be an Avengers related choice, only which Avengers related choice.

Scarlett "Black Widow" Johansson did the honors back in 2010 for the release of Iron Man 2.  So who did that leave?

Say hello to Cobie Smulders.

And, while you're at it you can thank my son for her inclusion today.

A few weeks ago, the lad asked me if Maria Hill would be in The Avengers.  After wiping away a tear of geek pride, I told him I didn't know, but I would check.

One IMDB search later and I found out Ms. Smulders would be doing the honors as the SHIELD agent.

Ms. Smulders is most famous for her role as Robin Scherbatsky on the long running CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother.  She was also rumored to be Joss Whedon's choice for Wonder Woman when he was attached to that project.  I guess it's not wonder she found a place in The Avengers.

Prior to her work on HIMYM, Ms. Smulder worked as a model and appeared in such other fare as Andromeda, Walking Tall and Tru Calling.

If you're a fan of the Avengers comics, you know that Maria Hill figures prominently in them so I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Ms. Smulders in the Marvel Movie Universe.

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