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Avengers Assemble! - Bring on the Bad Guys
It's premeire week!  Are you excited?

I am.

After all the hype, the movie is finally upon us.  A lot of the hopes for the future of comic book movies rides on the reception The Avengers gets.  We, the geeks, have been waiting for this one for ages.  Its the first crack at a major team movie.  Let's hope they knock it out of the park.

But, before we put on our 3-D glasses and settle in with our popcorn, let's take one more look at the mythology of the Avengers.

One of the things that makes a superhero great is their rogues gallery.  All of the big names have a great one - Batman, Superman, Spider-Man.  Hell, even the Flash has "The Rogues."

During their time as a team, the Avengers have compiled their own, impressive list of adversaries.  Let's take a look at some of the baddest of the bad.


I'm speaking of Helmut, not Heinrich.  Oh sure, Heinrich was a righteous SOB.  A Nazi scientist, creator of Adhesive X (which sounds like a sticky mutant) and founder of the original Masters of Evil, Heinrich's accomplishments were trumped by those of his son.  Helmut originally appeared as the Phoenix, but had to get a new alias after Jean Grey got all cosmic.  Not to be outdone, Helmut took up his father's mantle, reconvened the Masters of Evil and attacked Avengers' Mansion, injuring Jarvis (not hard) and Hercules (considerably more difficult).  And THAT wasn't his crowning achievement.  No, when the Avengers were sucked up into the collective egos of Lee & Liefeld during Heroes Reborn, Zemo stepped up, recostumed his Masters of Evil, renamed them The Thunderbolts and sold them to the public as heroes.  That's high end outside the box thinking kids. 


Two entries.  Two Nazis.  The Red Skull was handpicked by Hitler as an experiment in evil.  Well, it worked.  The Red Skull is to Captain America as Lex Luthor is to Superman or as cocaine is to Lindsey Lohan.  And, if Captain America is going to be the Star Spangled Avenger, then the Red Skull is going to be the crimson domed pain in the Avengers' ass.  His relentless pursuit of the Cosmic Cube has kept on the Avengers more often than not.  Most recently seen in last summer's Captain America movie, the Skull is uniquely situated to make an appearance in a future Avengers movie.  Time will tell.


Marvel's resident master of the time stream, Kang has returned time and time again to plaque the Avengers.  Be he Kang, Immortus or Rama-Tut, the future Nathaniel Richards grew bored with his peaceful existence and became fascinated by his ancestor, Doctor Doom.  Some family trees should be pruned.  Richards travelled back in time to take over Egypt as Rama-Tut and then proceeded to wreak havoc throughout the time stream.  I'm going to be honest here, as many times as I've read the Kang bios, I have never understood them.  Still it takes a dude who is convident in his own evil to wear purple armor.  Even Doom isn't that badass.  I'm just saying.


Without Loki the Avengers wouldn't exist.  The Avengers first assembled to stop the menace of the Norse god of mischief/evil.  He has gone on to plague them time and again.  He's been such a constant threat that he's the featured villain in The Avengers.  For a guy who's got god and frost giant blood in him, Loki has a pretty serious inferiority complex in regards to his brother, Thor.  I've got to admit, Loki is one of my all-time favorite Marvel villains and I'm glad he's being used so well in the movies.  I look forward to seeing exactly Tom Hiddleston has up his green sleeves this weekend.


If the Avengers wouldn't exist without Loki, then Ulton wouldn't exist without the Avengers.  The creation of disgraced Avenger, Hank Pym, Ultron's robotic intelligence isn't satisfied with simply destroying his creator.  No, Ultron's goal is nothing less than the irradication of all organic life on Earth.  Take that Arnie.  Ultron is a legitimate threat each time he appears in a Marvel comic and I keep hoping to see some fleeting glimpse of him in the movies.

Early in this series, I featured these great collectibles that were coming from eFX.  Well, as the movie draws close, eFX is preparing to start taking pre-orders.  If you want to get on the mailing list for more information regarding these cool pieces, send them an email at this address.

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