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Friday LinkFrogging - 4/13/12
Welcome back kids.

Before we get started I want to thank Chris for filling in for me last week.  It allowed me to take a couple of much needed days off and was much appreciated.

Now, after a few days in the Hill Country and a few ice cold Lone Stars, I'm ready to get back in action.

When we started this feature a couple of years ago, I had no idea what a big part of my week it would become.  I keep lists of bookmarks and links on my phone, my iPad and my computer.  Flipboard is my new favorite app for accumulating the links necessary to make the feature run.

Of course, the best part of the feature is deciding on each week's cheesecake and then doing the difficult and often voluminous work of making sure I have the proper representation of the lucky honoree.

Some weeks are more difficult than others though.  This week was one of those.  You see, we are in the dark days between award season and summer blockbuster season.  Movies become smaller and less star-studded.  The television season is winding itself down.  In short, nothing or nobody broke this week.

On weeks like that, I often go retro cheesecake, but Chris did that last week. 

So, after chasing a couple of false starts, I decided to go with an award winning actress in a rehash movie.

Say hello to Kate Winslet.

Why Kate Winslet?

Well, last week, James Cameron rereleased Titanic in 3-D with a corrected star field.  Sure, it seems a bit like a cash grab, but at least Cameron avoided going all Lucas and overtweaking the movie.  And while Titanic couldn't oust The Hunger Games at the top of the box office, or, for that matter, better American Reunion, it did do a respectable $17.3 million last weekend.  Not bad for a 15 year old movie.

I remember seeing Titanic in the theater during its initial run.  I didn't think that damned ship was ever going to sink.  I sat through the whole thing after drinking my half of a large movie theater Coke and I thought I was going to drown before Leo.

And don't even get me started on that damned Celine Dion song.  Ms. Winslet, as it turns out, feels the same way.

That was probably what sealed her selection kids.  I'm not kidding.

In addition to her turn as Rose in Titantic, Ms. Winslet has starred in other geek approved fare such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Finding Neverland and Quills.  She's perhaps most famous for her roles in movies such as Hamlet, Jude and Sense & Sensibility - movies that earned her the nickname Corset Kate.

And no discussion of her resume would be complete without mention of her Academy Award winning role as a Nazi pedophile in The Reader.  The Academy likes 'em ugly kids.  Remember that.

I don't normally do this but - SPOILER ALERT- the ship sinks at the end of Titanic and Leo dies.

Let's hit the links.

The Grande Ballroom documentary trailer #DetroitMFers

Queensryche – LIVE! – ‘Rage For Order’ tour, Montreal, 1986 (full set) from reader, Troy W.

Jalen Rose vs. Skip Bayless #pwned

The evolution of Carrot Top’s face and body 
From Scotland…Chris’ latest musical freakout: Firebrand Super Rock (thanks Mr. M)

Axl Rose blows off the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  For some reason this pleases me.

Paul Feig walks you through every episode of Freaks and Geeks.

Courtney Love accuses Dave Grohl of hitting on Frances Bean.  Shut up Courtney!

What the Houston Astrodome looks like after a decade of neglect.

What Facebook would have looked like if it had been created in the 1990s.

Ten artists that blew up...but shouldn't have.

Updating and restocking the MTV Rock and Jock softball game.

And finally, our own Matt Repchak is lobbying the Chicago Bears for a job.  Take a moment and "Like" this page to help him out...won't you?

Posted in: Gonzo