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Friday LinkFrogging - 4/6/12

‘Tis the season…for resurrection! And though the big guy and his boy get most of the glory this time of year for pulling it off in miraculous fashion, they’re certainly not alone in their efforts. You need look no further than this week’s links for evidence.

Take DC Comics for instance, they tried to breathe new life into their entire line with ‘The New 52’ boondoggle. And from the other side of the comic book aisle, Pixar’s going to take a stab at bringing the long-suffering being that is ‘Howard The Duck’ back to life.

On a more human level, someone out there found those videos you made at the shopping mall back in the ‘80s and revived them, posting them online for all to see, while a certain priest likely wishes Bill Gates hadn’t made his operating system quite so powerful in terms of bringing past explorations back to light.

And last but not least, there’s the very well-written tale of two once-troubled 90s rock titans who have gone beyond straightening themselves out to become fantastic fathers in their own right.

Don’t worry though, the world hasn’t gone entirely resurrection mad. Some folks remain dead and gone (Sid and Nancy) and some folks’ powers have traversed time and space so effectively that no resurrection is required (Slayer).

Then there’s this week’s cheesecake. By reader suggestion from Dan O. in the great state of Michigan, we’re keeping it retro and reaching back to the greatest Catwoman of them all, Julie Newmar. Ms. Newmar is still alive and well and occasionally out on the circuit, but in the spirit of the season we’d like to remind everyone of some of the childhood re-run TV shows she was on besides ‘Batman’: Route 66, the Twilight Zone, Beverly Hillbillies, F-Troop, The Monkees, Star Trek, Get Smart, Bewitched, and CHIPS, to name a few.

And that’s leaving out the two shows celebrities used to go to before reality TV was around to keep them moving: The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. We know you want the Catwoman, so we led with that, but we thought a couple of other peeks might be nice as well; a Newmar trinity if you will.

And so, with a hearty ‘Allah Akbah, champ’ and a resounding ‘Cthulhu lives!’ let’s have a look at the links.

As it turns out, "The New 52" was a giant boondoggle.

It's a trap!

Ten things pop music needs to stop doing.

Pixar announces its first Marvel related project.  Make way for Howard the Duck!

The Great Northgate Mall Lip-Synching Booth Tapes of 1987

The UK’s big brother steps up its game

Learn from this priest. Turn off your Autoplay.

Do not honk at the axe-wielding moped rider

Sid Vicious’ handwritten list of what makes Nancy so great.

Duff McKagan and Mike McCready. Badass dads. Really.

Reign In Wine

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