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2012 MLB Preview w/ Special Guest Dasher Hatfield
With its hybrid of comic books and professional wrestling, CHIKARA has a special place in the hearts of the crew here at Gonzogeek. With that said, we figured there was no better expert to consult for thoughts on the upcoming MLB season than CHIKARA's Old Timey King of Swing himself, Dasher Hatfield.

Before the season gets fully under way this week, let's see what Dasher had to say about the MLB campaign.

Q: As a veteran of the diamond, what do you look for when you watch a game?

DASHER: Hustle, I love when a guy beats out a little infield dribbler, or when an outfielder streaks like lightning across the grass and dives another ten feet to rob the leadoff hitter of extra base. Nothing better than that my friend...

Q: It seems like baseball's changed so much in the last 20 years, what with the performance enhancing drug scandal, interleague play, and now the playoffs are expanding. Next year, the DH will be in full effect year round with the Astros jumping to the AL. I'm assuming you're a traditionalist, but what do you think of all these changes?

DASHER: One thing I have learned after my many years is that times will always change. And as hard as you may try there is no fighting it. But besides that, i dont like it! The DH rule is for pansies.The pitcher is a player, all the players should hit.  I do however see how it makes the game a little more exciting. People nowadays love the longball, and longballs do not occur very often with the pitcher at the plate.

Q: I'd also be remiss if I didn't get your opinion on sabermetrics, and their influence on the game. Fair to say they didn't have win shares, defensive ratings, OPS and VORP in your day.

DASHER: Now you're speaking jibberish to me my friend. You're going to have bring me up to speed on that one, because you sound like my Uncle Theodore on a Thursday evening if you catch my drift.

Q: I'm afraid I don't.

DASHER: Like you have been dipping in the suds, dear boy. Nipping the old nectar.

Q: Perhaps we should move on.  Two-part question. First, who in the current scene in MLB do you believe would make the best transition to competing in CHIKARA? And, who in CHIKARA would make the best baseball player?

DASHER: This is a savvy question, I like it! Not Tim Lincecum because you would be able to see his hair under the mask. Not Prince Fielder, I do not want to say it but I think we all know who it was no matter what kind of mask we put on him. I would have to go with Derek Jeter, as much as I am not a Yankee guy myself he displays the right character fit and he did that graceful suicide dive into the third row a few years back. A close second was the crazy fellow who wore the Penguin suit and loves Taco Bell for some odd reason. Now that I think about it, I bet Prince would give one heck of a shoulder tackle.

Q: And, how about part two of my question?

DASHER: Sorry, that one slipped my mind. Happens on occasion. Besides myself I would wager that Fire Ant would be the best Major League Player. He is extremely strong for his size. I have seen him lift fifty times his weight. As we all he is very fast, not to mention he can climb walls. Did I mention he could never slump because, strangely enough he is always on fire.

Q: I thought you'd say Grizzly (Redwood) cause of his familiarity with wood and shortness making him easy to walk

DASHER: Honestly you may be on to something there. That would be a tiny little strike zone.

Q: Follow up. which CHIKARA competitor would make the WORST baseball player?

DASHER: Archibald Peck. In the words of my step-cousin-in-law, Mr. Touchdown, he is kind of a "Nerd!"

Q: You mentioned you are not a big Yankees fan. Which team do you root for, actually?

DASHER: The newly appointed Miami Marlins. Being a former player it was always hard for me to root for a specific team. But when those lads won two World Series, both as wild card teams, when no one gave them a chance in the world. Once was even against the Evil Empire itself. I love the Under Dog spirit in sports. I was hooked.

Q: I see what you did there. Marlins... hooked...

DASHER: You got me!

Q: Is that why Dasher Hatfield plies his craft in the ring in CHIKARA? No disrespect but compared to the mega budgets of WWE, you guys are kinda the underdog.

DASHER: Under Dog indeed, but we certainly do put up a heck of a battle. It's much more emotionally involved when you have a group of individuals working extremely hard to spread a product we truly believe in. Above all else I choose Chikara because it is the most fun you can possibly have in the World of Proffesional Wrestling. We have the greatest fans hands down. What I get to do would not be one millionth as enjoyable without our fans. When you attend one of our shows you do so as the biggest part of the show as well as its star.

World Series. Who ya got, and who wins in how many games?

DASHER: The safe bet is Angels/Phillies. I am going to get a tad couragous and say Detroit and San Fransisco. But, if you're the gambling type, don't listen to me. My average over the years is a bit on the low side.

Q: Sometimes when you’re following all things geek, it’s easy to let pesky things like diet and exercise fall by the wayside. Considering that you’re almost 90 years young, and still fit enough to wrestle, wondering if you had any health tips for all the readers out there in cyberspace?

DASHER: Kidney Beans. Jogging. Yoga. Kidney Beans. One glass of scotch a week. (my grandmother taught me that, and she bare knuckle boxed until she was 103.) Leg stretches, and kidney beans.

Q: Wow you REALLY like kidney beans. It's plug time. Anything you'd like to plug--Facebook, Twitter, merchandise, websites, et cetera--now's the time!  And why don't you have Twitter anyway?

DASHER: To lead off, I hate kidney beans. But when you're my age and can move like I do you have to make some sacrifices. Next, Do you know how long it took Sugar (Dunkerton) to teach me how to use this Facebook Internet contraption. But, if ya need me for your show or just want to say Hello I do know how to work Facebook so you can contact me there. I also know how to work and if you need to know about shows, the wrestlers, or all kinds of strange wrestling tidbits you should check it out.
Posted in: Sports