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Friday LinkFrogging - 2/17/12
Spring is in the air.

Sure it may not officially begin until March 20, but all of the signs are there.

Baseball season has begun.

The rains have returned to South Texas.

And, perhaps more importantly, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is out.

Now, I understand that's not a big deal for you younger readers.  You don't remember a time when you couldn't just google your way to thongs and nipple pokes, but back in the dark ages, like before even AOL, the arrival of the swimsuit issue was a rite of passage for the teenaged American male.

Unless you had a dirty old uncle or, as I once did, a friend who stumbled upon a foot locker full of skin mags, the SI swimsuit issue was where you went to get a peek at hot chicks in skimpy outfits.

Now that I type that the origin of LinkFrogging's cheesecake comes a bit more in focus.

Anyway, we are always happy to feature the current "it" girl, should the opportunity present itself.  It is in that spirit that I ask you to say hello to this week's cheesecake, Kate Upton.

Earlier this week, Ms. Upton was unveiled as this year's covergirl.  Thanks Dave!

I had planned to present Ms. Upton later this year when she appears in the upcoming Three Stooges movie.  Even I was able to recognize this was a more appropriate opportunity.

The rumor mongers have linked Ms. Upton to New York Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez.

She refuses to comment.

I refuse to care.


This is why!

On to the links.

In honor of Valentine's Day, how about some comic hook ups from Infinite Earths?

Jennifer Beals joins the APA? DAMN!

Great SI piece on a wrestling coach's struggle with a muscle disorder.

Sleigh Bells' new album, Reign of Terror, streaming on NYT site.

Acrophobes: DO NOT WATCH.

Maybe you touched your genitals.

An interview with Relapse label manager Rennie Jaffe.

Ken Jeong party story

Chuck Prophet’s ‘Temple Beautiful’ tour of S.F. (Part 1)

Randonesia: Grinch Economics

The definitive guide to "that guy."

Dave Grohl to produce a rock star sit-com for FX.

Also in honor of Valentine's Day, Breaking Bad cards are here.

A road map featuring nothing but song titles.

FOGG and hand model, David Cantu, has started a movie blog.  You can check it out here.

And finally, with the new Ghost Rider movie opening today, here are 100 of Nicolas Cage's best quotes delivered in a very NSFW 8:42.

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