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Friday LinkFrogging - 12/2/11
Welcome to December kids.

Another year is rapidly drawing to a close.  Its hard to believe all the good times we've had in 2011 will soon be replaced by an election year.

Good times!


Seriously though, where did the year go?  I mean this time last year we were bumping around as a little blog, now here we are veterans of SXSW AND Comic-Con in the same year.

And I think I can safely say we've enjoyed every minute of it.  Well, Matt may not have enjoyed all that coding earlier in the year, but that's data into the stream.

I like to think that my weekly contribution has something to do with the enduring popularity of our site.  I also like to think that I don't look ridiculous when I dance, so my belief system is obviously a bit suspect.

Still, as long as there are beautiful women willing to pose for photographers in revealing clothes for a chance at fame and glory I think we're golden.

WIth that in mind, please say hello to this week's cheesecake, Maria Bello.

Ms. Bello first appeared on our radar as Anna Del Amico on ER.  From there she transitioned to movie work, most notably in Coyote Ugly, The Cooler, The Mummy:  Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and A History of Violence.

Earlier this year she made her return to television as the lead in Prime Suspect, NBC's Americanization of the classic Helen Mirren BBC series of the same name. 

The problem was that after a summer of promos, all I knew for sure was that she was a cop in a fedora.  Apparently I wasn't alone in my confusion.  As of this writing, Prime Suspect hasn't officially been cancelled, but its consisently low ratings have gotten it removed from the Peacock's mid-season schedule.

Maybe if they had done more advertising like the picture above.  THAT makes the hat interesting.

I'm just saying.

And, just FYI, if you haven't seen The Cooler do so immediately.  That is one really good flick.

On to the links.

An arbitrary list of ‘Greatest Toys’! Feel free to discuss, argue passionately.

Nicolas Cage is everywhere!

Patton Oswald has an important message for teenagers.  No, really!

800 separate Fugazi shows available online.

Instant rim shot.

Pocket computer.

Heavy Metal gift guide (just avoid the Metallica Monopoly).

Texts From Bennett

A classic concert vid from 1991, Alice In Chains (still have my VHS copy).

What happens when stars lose their mojo?  To quote Warren Zevon, it ain't that pretty at all.

Wyclef Jean assused of skimming Haiti relief donations.  Fuck-ugee!

And finally, we've got a reader submission.  This one comes to us from John Matese of Princeton University.  John has found what could possibly be the worst music video ever made!

Thanks John!

If you have a link you'd like to see Frogged just stick it in an email and shoot it to us!  We love to hear from our readers.

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