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Friday LinkFrogging - 10/7/11
Friday, you sure took your time getting here this week.

Since we saw you last, the Yankees and Rays have exited the MLB playoffs, The Playboy Club has been cancelled and that dolphin movie knocked off Simba.

A lot can happen in seven days.

But, as you know dear reader(s), you can always count on your week being anchored by LinkFrogging here at GonzoGeek.

Sharing out finds with you is just the natural extension of sharing this space with each other.  Everyone marches to their own drummer, but sometimes the various rhythms align to create a new sound.

Okay, I have no idea what that was.  I think I was possessed by Jim Morrison for a minute there.

Let's get this blue bus back on track.  Please say hello to this week's cheesecake, Evangeline Lilly.

Ms. Lilly's time in the spotlight as every geek's "it" girl aligned almost directly with our first step forward here at the 'Geek.  It was her role as Kate Austen on Lost that propelled her from "Party Guest (uncredited)" in White Chicks to the cover of Rolling Stone.  It was Matt's coverage of Lost that really started driving traffic to our site.

Somehow, we never thanked her properly for that.

Today we correct that.

Ms. Lilly has laid low since Lost ended it's run on ABC.  That all changes today as she co-stars with Hugh Jackman in Real Steel.  You know the movie that is NOT Rock'em Sock'em - The Movie

When she's done boxing with robots she'll cement her geek cred once and for all as Tauriel in the forthcoming Hobbit movies.

On to the links.

Forgery FAIL!

Open your mind.

Polish politician does it right.

Time to bring ‘em home.

The pros and cons of Slayer ass tats

Douche shield

Is Pulp Fiction the greatest movie ever?

How to enjoy life in the Witness Protection Plan.

Bryan Cranston tells us what to expect from this Sunday's Breaking Bad season finale.

The Coen Brothers are coming soon to a televison near you.

Speaking of television, here's your death watch for this year's new shows.  Free Agents we hardly knew you.

On the other hand, Arrested Development is coming back to television and then to a cineplex near you.

And finally, find out what the cast of Arrested Development has been up to since the show was cancelled.

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