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Friday LinkFrogging - 9/16/11
I'd like to be the first to welcome the new television season.


Not the first?

Okay, well, the first one here at least.

We got a look at few of the network's new offerings whilst we were in San Diego at Comic-Con.  There's some interesting stuff out there if you're willing to look.

Of course, sometimes they make it easy for you.

Sometimes they take a tried and true premise and slap a beloved star into the vehicle.  Sometimes that's a recipe for disaster.  Sometimes it begats a Charlie Sheen career revivial.  Sometimes those two things are the same.

This season the CW is attempting to execute that same strategy with this week's cheesecake.

Please say hello to Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Everyone's favorite former vampire slayer (well, I guess everyone except the vampires) is back on network (or at least CW) television with her new show, Ringer.

On Ringer, Ms. Gellar plays twin sisters with problems.  One's a an alcoholic ex-stripper on the run from the mob.  One is a wealthy socialite.  The rich one mysteriously disappears.  The drunk stripper takes her place.  Hilarity ensues.

Wasn't that the premise of most episodes of Three's Company and Frasier?

After hanging up her stakes, Ms. Gellar had a middling movie career, starring a series of poorly executed rom-coms and J-Horror remakes.  Her most recent role is mother to her daughter with "actor" Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Would that make the girl a Prinze-ss?

I'm so sorry for that.

On to the links.

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