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Funko Rant:  SDCC - The Big Damn List

Well, well, well….looks like it’s that time of year again.  SDCC.  I meant to do this sooner, but real life has kicked me in the teeth this past month.  Nothing terrible, just terribly busy.

I’m going to try my best to put all the exclusives in one spot.  Once again, I shall most likely fail.  I’m going to try and note edition sizes and prices where I can.  Given time, I might actually put them into their individual lines.  Exclusives are listed by retailer and include booth numbers.  Pieces without an edition size will be available at other outlets (Hot Topic, Barnes & Noble, who knows anymore) during/after the Con.  

A quick note on the Funko Booth Procedure.  Instead of stampeding the convention floor every day to try and nab a spot in line, stampede the Sails Pavilion when the doors open to enter a lottery to maybe win a wristband to get into the booth.  

Preview night wristbands are being given out through an online lottery.  See the blog post HERE

Details for the rest of the con are posted below and lifted directly from the Funko Blog.


When: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Drawings will start shortly after the lines are let into the building until supplies last. Depending on the amount of attendees in line this line may start moving as early as 6:00am.

Where: Pavilion Terrace (Upper level outside Sails Pavilion). Attendees must first enter the Convention Center from the Badged Member entry line at the front of the building before lining up for drawings. Entry to the Sails Pavilion will be from this line.

ADA attendees with mobility issues should go to the Lobby B2 doors and use the glass elevators for access to the Sails Pavilion. They will be let up to the holding area outside the Sails Pavilion at the same time as the rest of the attendees.

For more information, please see this post from Comic-Con International.

Please note:

  • Attendee & professional badges only.

  • One drawing per person, per day.

  • This random drawing is for a chance to get a wristband to purchase items at the Funko booth.

  • Winning a wristband does not guarantee you of any specific item at the Funko booth. Items may sell out by the time you reach the front of the line.

  • Wristbands are for a specific date and time and must be redeemed for that specific session.

  • Wristbands are not transferrable.

  • There will be a strict limit of one of each item per wristband.

  • You will not be able to line up at the Funko booth before your session begins.

  • ADA attendees must also go through the lottery process outside the Sail Pavilion, as noted above.

There you go.  Get in line to win a chance to get in line.  If you do get in, make the most of it.  You probably won’t be getting another shot.

If you don’t have a wristband (for Preview Night or any other day)...don’t bother going to the booth except to window shop.  You are only getting in with a wristband.  Sounds a little harsh when I say it.  They write it better on the blog.

Aaaaaand here we go!  

FUNKO - Booth 5341

Once again, Funko covers as many bases as possible with a little something for everyone.  A lot of new sculpts this year, only a couple of repaints.  Missing this year are Hikari, (correction: Cap was added late Monday) but seeing how many are languishing on the Funko website, not surprising.  Mini’s left out in the cold as well.  A ReAction exclusive...didn’t expect that.  I was of the opinion that the new Action Figures or Wobblers would have gotten a push instead.  And where’s the SDCC Freddy, Funko?  You did one for ECCC and the Funko Shop. Maybe he’s in my Fundays Box of Fun.

Oh...I have no pricing on these.  Go with 15 for the Pop, maybe the same for Dorbz.  Multi-packs and rides, expect 25. These are guesses.  Since I'm packing tomorrow, I probably won't update this.

Dorbz: $10
Dorbz multi-packs: $20-$35
Dorbz Ridez: $25

Rock Candy: $15
Pop!s: $15
Oversized Pop!s & multi-packs: $20-40
Pop! Rides: $40
ReAction set: $25
World of Pop! Book: $25
Hikari: $80



125 Powder Puff Girls - Buttercup - First to Market (Late 2016-early 2017)

126 Powder Puff Girls - Bubbles - First to Market (Late 2016-early 2017)

127 Powder Puff Girls - Blossom - First to Market (Late 2016-early 2017)

127 Duck Dodgers Glow in the Dark White Gamma - 1500pc

127 Duck Dodgers Glow in the Dark Blue Gamma - 750pc

136 Hanna Barbera Hair Bear Brown- 750pc

136 Hanna Barbera Hair Bear Blue- 750pc

136 Hanna Barbera Hair Bear Purple- 750pc

Hanna Barbera: Peter Potamus & So-So 2 Pack  - 750pc

162 Haunted Mansion - Phineas White Glow Glitter - 1000pc

163 Haunted Mansion - Ezra White Glow Glitter - 1000pc

164 Haunted Mansion - Gus White Glow Glitter - 1000pc

165 Haunted Mansion - Hatbox Ghost  Blue Ghost Glitter - 1000pc

199 Indiana Jones - Indy with Idol

205 NBX - Pajama Jack Skellington

207 Pete’s Dragon - Invisible Elliot with Pete

208 Pirates of the Caribbean - Cursed Barbossa


110 Green Goblin Glow in the Dark, Translucent Glitter, with Glider  - Summer Exclusive

112 Deadpool - Thumbs Up

117 Cowboy Deadpool

161 Doctor Strange with Rune


112 Gears of War - Marcus Fenix with Head - 1000pc

112 Gears of War - Marcus Fenix with Head - Golden Lancer Variant

119 - Five Nights at Freddy’s - Golden Freddy


139 Peanuts - Patriotic Snoopy

346 iZombie - Olivia Moore

350 Arrow - Malcolm Merlyn

353 The Flash- 6” Gorilla Grodd

354 Walking Dead - Burning Walker

 Scott Pilgrim Sex Bob-Omb 3 Pack

129 Batman vs Superman - 6” Doomsday

130 Batman vs Superman - Superman False God

131 Suicide Squad - Underwater Batman

331 Willy Wonka - Violet Beauregarde


48 Mag the Mighty 6”


115 Force Awakens - Han Solo with Bowcaster

116 Force Awakens - BB-8 Thumbs Up

LATE ADDITIONS - No category given

01 - Fantastic Beasts - Newt Scamander

132 - Strawberry Shortcake - Purple Pie Man Scented (probably smells like pie)

Pop Minid - Harry Potter -Cornish Pixie, Mandrake & Grindylow 3-pack

Pop Rides

2016 Ghostbusters Red Ecto-1 with Slimer

Freddy Funko in Red Buggy - 500pc


Dark Crystal - Landstrider


087 - Deadpool Chef - 1000pc

170 - Stan Lee

176 - Hanna Barbera Huckleberry Hound - 500pc

Burton - Batman Returns 3-pack (Batman, Catwoman, Penguin)

Through The Looking Glass 4 Pack - 750pc

Wreck it Ralph 3-pack (Turbo, Ralph & Felix) - 750 pc

Game of Thrones 3-pack - White Walker, Hound & Joffrey

X-Men 3-Pack (Wolverine, Ice-Man & Colossus)

Dorbz Ridez

005 Wreck It Ralph - Vanellope

009 Banana Splitz - Bingo - 300pc

011 Banana Splitz - Snorky - 300pc

Rock Candy

New 52 Harley Quinn

Purple Suit Catwoman


             Classic Captain America - 500pc


World of Pop: Vol 5

Any piece with an edition size is a Con Exclusive.  There will be some available through Gemini Collectibles Thursday.  Be prepared, they go quick.

Everything else is a Con/Summer/Shared Exlcusive.  That means you’ll find it at Hot Topic, Barnes and Noble, GameStop etc.  Probably PopCultcha, too.

Here’s the list of what will be where.  It’s mostly almost totally confirmed rumors and hearsay so take it with a grain of salt, probably the whole shaker.  Reddit and IG have been stepping all over themselves trying to nail this list down, this is their best effort..  Most of these shared exclusives will go on sale Thursday, July 21.  If you’re lucky, you might snag one with the SDCC sticker.

Barnes and Noble:

Pop - Patriotic Snoopy

Pop - Willy Wonka - Violet

Pop - Fantastic Beast  - Newt

Pop Minis - Potter 3-Pack of angry vegetables

Pop: Purple Pieman

Hot Topic:

Pop - Powderpuff Girls (all three)

Pop - Malcolm Merlyn

Pop - iZombie

Pop - Mag The Mighty

Pop - Gorilla Grod

Pop -Suicide Squad Underwater Batman

Pop -Thumbs Up BB-8

Pop -Thumbs Up Deadpool (I sense a theme)

Pop - Pajama Jack - NBX

Dorbz Ridez  Vanellope

Rock Candy - Harley Quinn

Rock Candy - Catwoman


Dorbz Stan Lee

Dorbz X-Men 3-Pack

Dorbz - Burton Batman 3-Pack

Pop - Batman V Superman - 6” Doomsday

Pop - Deadpool Cowboy

Pop - Doctor Strange with Rune

Pop - Han Solo

Pop - Marcu Feix - Golden Lancer

Pop - False God Superman

Pop - Burning Walker


Pop - Five Nights at Freddys Golden Freddy (don’t bother, this piece is a dog)

FYE (also rumored as GameStop, even though FYE makes more sense)

Pop: Scott Pilgrim Sex Bob-omb 3-Pack

BAM (Books a Million)

Don’t know, but something goes on sale the 27th.

HBO Shop
Dorbz: Game of Thrones 3Pack.  (I had a link and now it's broken)
Pop: Mag the Mighty

I do think many of the rumored pieces/stores make sense from a retail mix standpoint.  BN for bookish pieces.  GameStop for game and comic related pieces.  Hot Topic for ‘edgy’ pieces (kind of a stretch, but I wouldn’t expect to find iZombie at Wal-Mart).  

This list covers a good many releases but there a couple items missing that don’t have edition sizes, such as:

Green Goblin, Game of Thrones Dorbz 3 pack (HBO), Ghostbusters Ecto 1, Pete’s Dragon, the ReAction Dark Crystal set and Indiana Jones with Idol (Con only per Brian)

Surely they have another home.


Located outside the convention at 448 Market Street in the Marina District

Thursday-Sunday, 10am - 3pm


Freddy Funko SDCC Type Tee - 100pc

Freddy Funko Model Kit Tee - 100pc

Freddy Funko v. The World Tee - 100pc


If you know your Funko Trivia, you’d know that Bob’s Big Boy was the very first product to roll out of Funko.  This one is for the fans.

Ad Icons: 04 Bob’s Big Boy - 480pc

Spastik Plastik Pop:

Based on original, Ed Roth inspired, characters, these are a real treat for old school Funko collectors.  They’re starting off right with Carlos and Otto.  Here’s hoping we see new interpretations of other Spastiks at some point, like maybe, I don’t know...Gil!

01 - Amazing Carlos Blue Suit - 3000pc

01 - Amazing Carlos Black Suit - 3000pc

02 - Otto Purple - 3000pc

02 - Otto Orange - 480pc

02 - Otto Red - 480pc

Captain America 18” Mega Dorbz - No edition size given.


There’s been some chatter that the Year One Mega Box will be on sale at SDCC in limited quantities.  As a Founder who was told this was a unique perk, I kind of resent this.  By the same token, maybe I’ll get to see what’s in it.

TOY TOKYO - Booth 5339 (sold through the Funko booth)

Pop -Disney: 202 Dug with Cone

Pop - TV: Buffy 2 pack (Vamp Buffy and Angel)

Pop Rides: 01 ‘66 Chrome Batmobile

Pop - Animation: 124 Space Ghost - Brak

Pop - Animation: 123 Space Ghost - Zorak

Dorbz - Flash (woah-ooooh) Gordon 2 pack

Dorbz Ridez: 01 ‘66 Gold Batmobile

(They’re also teasing there could be more on FB)

TOYS R US - Booth 2343 (Entertainment Earth)

Television - 334 Teen Titans Go - Robin as Batman

Television - 335 Teen Titans Go - Raven as Wonder Woman

Television - 336 Teen Titans Go - Starfire as Flash

These will also be online July 21st.


Batman V Superman: Aquaman Patina - Ed. Unknown

Available for Pre-Order but check the disclaimer:

(From the EE Site) - This item will first be sold at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 at the EE Booth. If supplies remain after the show, Pre-orders will be filled and shipped to you then, in August 2016l 

That's right, take a chance.

PREVIEWS - Booth 2401

Swamp Thing Flocked and ‘Scent’ - 8000pcs.  

Yes, a scratch and sniff pop.  How would it smell like anything other than plastic or dirt?  ON DISPLAY at the Previews booth, scattered around the con floor at individual retailers.

BAIT - Booth 4845

With the exception of the Rookie Kobie pop, everything available at the Bait booth is listed as a ‘pre-release exclusives (limited to 360 Units)’.  Many of these pieces are also listed on the Toy Wars website already.  Prices are either 15 or 20 bucks.  I’ve broken them out by price.

Everything but Kobe is from the Pop Asia Line.  

15$ Each

Street Fighter

70 Chun-li

72 Ken

73 Cammy

74 Blanka

75 Balrog

20$ Each

Street Fighter - 91 Hot Ryu

Legendary Creatures

78 - Kappa Metallic

82 - Kuchisake - Bloody

Monkey King

01 - Monkey King - Porcelin

Secret Base

83 - Hiddy - Joker Version

NBA - Rookie Kobe - No edition size listed.

PS:  I’ve seen pictures online of a Half-Robot Astro Boy piece, considering that Bait threw some Astro Boy Hikari out there last year...maybe this is the place to poke around. Just a thought.

FUNIMATION - Booth 4135

Animation: 120 - Beerus Metallic


Heroes: 91 - White Lantern Firestorm

Heroes: 91 - White Lantern Firestorm GITD

These also pop up on their website as pre-orders and might pop up again after the Con.


Pop Asia: 93 - Guan Yu Stan Lee  (black)  25$ 
There will be a signed version available. 

I really like this one.  It’s pretty much Samuri Stan.

BLIZZARD - Booth 140

Spectral Murloc - Hard to tell, might be an edition of 2016. 
This one’s kind of fun. It’s see through!  Ooooohhhhh….spooky! 15$

CONAN - Show Taping - Daily Drawing at the Grand Hyatt, Hall C

05 - Superman Conan

06 - Stormtrooper Conan

07 - Ghostbuster Conan

08 - Joker Conan

Available at show tapings and a lottery style drawing in the Hyatt.  The below is lifted from the official press release.

There will be a daily drawing for that day's Pop held each day of the con.  For a chance to win each day’s Conan Pop! Vinyl figure, badged Comic-Con attendees should go to the Manchester Grand Hyatt Grand Hall C (see the map below). This is a random drawing for the Conan Pop! Vinyl figures ... it is not first-come, first served. The random drawing for each day’s Conan Pop! Vinyl figure will start at 9:00 AM on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and continue each day until supplies run out. Supplies are limited and there is no guarantee of getting a Conan Pop! Vinyl figure.

And here's the link: Link

Just click on that

Enjoy your weekend everybody.

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